Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday 5-02

I would like to take credit for the Brewers exciting win over the Cubs at Wrigley Field yesterday. Granted, I did not get the game winning double like Ryan Braun did, and I did not make the exciting defensive plays that got the Crew out of dire situations all afternoon--but I did make the crucial move of putting on my "Rally Cap" in the top of the ninth inning.

Laugh all you want--but I don't think you understand the power of the Rally Cap. Helping boost that power was the Cubs decision to put in their "closer" Kerry Wood in the same inning. All of the Cubs fans around us groaned as Wood came to the mound in the ninth knowing that their fates had been sealed. As those who were sitting around me will attest, I had loudly been predicting that Wood would come in and blow it. They were also loudly reminded of that same prediction after it came true.

Actually, my powers of prediction were on display all day. I predicted Carlos Zambrano would hit a home run not a minute before he took Yovani Guillardo deep for the first run of the game. I also guessed right on just about every hit and run situation and the call that Ryan Braun would be the hero in the ninth. The eeriest moment came right at the end of the game as I pointed out to my friend Gordy how far up the middle shortstop Craig Counsell was playing for Felix Pie. Two pitches later, Pie hit a two hopper to Counsell who turned a game-ending 6-4-3 double play to seal the win. Why am I never in Las Vegas when I get these premonitions?

A few other news and notes from the game:

For at least yesterday, law enforcement was serious about that "Summer Heat" crackdown on speeders. There were at least seven people pulled over along the side of 41 on our way down. Didn't see any cops on the way back.

Wrigley Field was not built for someone over 6'3". My knees are bruised today from slamming against the seat ahead of me all afternoon.

If you need to drive to Chicago this summer, put an extra hour or two into your travel time. The Tri-state tollway and the Edens Expressway are all under construction and the traffic moves along at snail's pace. We almost missed the first pitch having to take surface streets just to get the Purple Line train in the northern suburbs.


  1. Jonathan,

    Can you answer a couple more questions from an avid baseball fan? I haven't been to Wrigley in 10 years....

    Is Wrigley a dump? Is it something they are keeping around just because of it's history? There was an article in the Milwaukee paper Wednesday telling about the stadium and it's antiquated feel compared to current ballparks. What's your take?

    Was the game a sellout? If so, did you have to pay a fortune for tickets?

    Could you tell from your vantage point that Ryan Braun's throw home from right field late in the game to get (I forget who) at the plate was perfectly relayed, but Kendall tagged the runner way too high and he was actually safe?

    On the same play, did you see how much crap came raining down from the bleachers on Braun as he fielded the ball? My opinion of fans in Chicago remains as it always has--low class.

    Nothing to say about Gagne? The lead-off walk in the 9th was a cardinal sin, in my book, but he was strong otherwise. And kudos to the Brewers coaching staff for having Counsell placed perfectly for the game ending double play.

  2. I'm not Jonathan, but as someone who grew up in the Chicago suburbs, I can tell you that the term "dump" may be used by some, but certainly not by others. Wrigley is steeped in tradition and to be there on a beautiful day or evening with the breeze blowing off the lake is a wonderful experience. It's plopped right in the middle of residential and old business chaos, but that's the beauty of it! People hanging around on Waveland Ave. with their mitts, just on the outside chance a ball might come flying over; or the bleachers perched atop those lucky apartment buildings! It's old, but it doesn't have some corporate name forced on it, such as "Kotex Light Days Panty Liner Field" or something equally as annoying. When I visited my daughter at school last year in Boston, we walked around the block where Fenway is located, and I got the same feel. These old cities have a grace and charm all their own. Not everything needs to be shiny, new and modern. Yes, I don't miss the traffic on a daily basis, but I love going back to visit. I'm not sure of ticket prices these days, but everything is expensive. Go there for a day and just enjoy!

  3. Jonathan

    I hope you've predicted that the Brewers get rid of Derek Turnbow and I hope that prediction comes true.

  4. I have to agree about Turnbow. His ERA is over 15 last time I checked, and he cannot be trusted. He is a stab in the dark every time he goes out there.

    It's funny how he had a decent HALF of a year in 2006, and they signed him to this huge contract, and now they can't get rid of him. He's a liability.