Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday 11-11

A happy Veterans Day to all of those who have served this country. We all owe you a big "Thank You" for your efforts--whether it was in a time of combat or not. There seems to be some confusion over the basis for today's holiday. I cringe everytime I hear an emcee or public address announcer ask the crowd to remember those who were killed in the line of duty on this Veterans Day. Today is for all of those who put on the uniform. Memorial Day is for those who lost their lives.

Having just completed the process a week ago (it's only been a week?) I think we should move Election Day to Veterans Day. What better way to honor those who served by exercising our most sacred democratic right? Unfortunately, that would require an amendment to the constitution and might not be worth the effort. I'll still add it to the Jonathan Krause Calendar Change Proposal.

For those not familiar with the Calendar Change Proposal, it includes making Super Bowl Sunday a national holiday, making the 4th of July our big gift-giving holiday--since that date represents something we can all celebrate--and making June 1st New Year's Day so we don't have to bundle up to go out for a night on the town. Actually, nearly all of the major holidays would move to the summer in order to take advantage of the nice weather.

Back to the main point today...thank you to my Dad, several of my uncles and my great-uncles for their service over the years. It's because of them and all vets that I get to speak my mind for two minutes a day without repercussions. Until the Democratic Congress tries to re-instate the Fairness Doctrine--when we would have to give two minutes to someone who disagrees with everything I say. I bet you can't wait for that.


  1. Nice sentiments, Jonathan. My father was with the 9th Infantry, among the first into the Pusan Perimeter in July 1950, and still with them when the Chinese overran them at Kunu-ri. Like a lot of men of his generation, he never talked about it much, but in various ways, it has shaped who he is as a citizen.

    I agree that there is something appealing about Election Day and Veterans Day coinciding. It wouldn't take an amendment -- just move Veterans Day to Election Day, instead of vice versa. But I'm afraid that if Election Day was a day off work, voter turnout would totally tank, as people would give over the day to recreation and neglect their civic duty.

  2. My brother served in the Marine Corps for 6 years. Even though his draft lottery number was 363 in the waning days of the Vietnam War, he enlisted. My mother was heartbroken. While he never went overseas, he served in many wonderful places, and we visited him everywhere. The service changed him, from a boy with no direction to a proud and independent man. My thanks to him, to my uncle who served in World War II, and to everyone who stepped up to the challenge to help keep us free.

  3. Thanks to all those veterans and current servicemen/woman!!