Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday 12-09


I'm checking to make sure the snowthrower works properly in October next year.

Is it a snowthrower or a snowblower? In reality, it doesn't "blow" snow at all--it throws it. There's no fan in there. Why do so many people call it a snowblower then?

If global warming is the reason we didn't get much snow for about three or four winters earlier this decade, how can it also be responsible for heavier snow the last two Decembers? We have the expert from the National Center for Atmospheric Research on the air today saying just that. More moisture in the atmosphere due to evaporation of the oceans.

Wait a minute, more evaporation of the oceans? Aren't they rising so fast that they threaten to flood out every major coastal city and island? Do the global warming alarmists assume we just forget everything they said last year when they find a new crisis about which to "warn" us?

I sure hope no one is driving down my street the rest of the winter while I'm pulling out of my driveway--since I won't be able to see them behind the 7-foot tall piles of snow in the terrace. The city is clearing those piles from the downtown areas--it would be nice if they made one pass in "the 'hood" to give us somewhere to put the rest of the "global warming snow" we are going to get the rest of the winter.

I wonder if I'll see kids out building snowmen or snowforts during this day off for them. Or will they all be inside making Wii snowmen and Wii "sledding" on those motion-sensitive pads. More likely, they'll just spend the day texting each other from home instead of texting each other from their school desks.


  1. Jonathan, do you ever call the city to express your concern about the 7 foot high snow mounds in the terrace, or do you keep quiet so you have something to bitch about on here?

  2. The city doesn't care if they pill 7 feet of snow on any terrace.
    They will tell you; It's their job to clear the snow off the street. Where it goes from there they don't care.

  3. >>The city is clearing those piles from the downtown areas--it would be nice if they made one pass in "the 'hood"<<

    What a hypocrite! You piss'n'moan about people "wasting" taxpayer dollars, then turn right around and demand that more taxpayer dollars be spent to make things nice for YOU! Yeah, any public expense is "fat" and "waste" until it's something YOU want.

    You alleged "conservatives" are all the same! Hypocrites! You're only against spending taxpayer money on the poor and destitute, but it's FINE to squander it prettying up your toney upscale neighborhoods!

    I say to he// with you! Go scoop itself, you lazy slug! Why should *I* have to pay a snow plow driver overtime to clean up YOUR property???

  4. Did you hear about the Gov. of Ill?
    The dude was makin deals with the unions.
    Typical Greedy stuff I've read about on your blog Jon.
    I guess what's been saids been right on then huh.
    Man that sux.
    Damn azsholes

  5. It's true what they've sad -- copy and paste, union bashing dude's an azshole. Right on.