Monday, October 5, 2009

Let It Go

I cannot wait until Wednesday. There's no special anniversary or event scheduled for that day--it's just the day that I think I might finally not have to hear about Brett Favre versus the Green Bay Packers ad nauseum. I spent the weekend in the Twin Cities and I can tell you that the hype machine over there is set to SUPER HIGH as every talk show (not just sports-talk) is nothing but Brett facing his old team.

The conversation, however, is anything but "we love Brett". It sounded to me like many of the reporters who cover the Vikings have already grown tired of the soap opera "As the Brett Favre Turns". Last week's win on a last-second pass is best remembered by most people not for the unbelievable catch by a guy who signed with the team the week before the game--but instead for Favre laying on the Humpty Dump turf until someone came to pick him up because he was so "exhausted". Three different hosts on three different stations called Favre a "drama queen" this weekend. It took them just three weeks to realize something that it took Packers fans 14-years to figure out.

The general belief among the Minnesota press--and the way it sounded from the call-ins, the fans as well--is that Favre is pretty much running his own show with the Vikings. Right now, winning games (pretty much without the need for a lot of "gunslinging") is covering up a lot of the animosity within the organization. But every Purple Fan is dreading that two game losing streak--which will likely be caused by a half-dozen interceptions--that will completely torpedo a promising season. So Packers fans living in fear of Number Four bringing a Lombardi Trophy to the Twin Cities can probably rest easy--it ain't gonna happen.

As for tonight's game, it won't be Favre that sticks "The Dagger!!" into the Pack--it will be Adrian Peterson running for almost 300-yards that gets Minnesota the win. Then on Thursday, we can start breaking down that first Favre game at Lambeau on November 1st.


  1. I would think Vikings fans would feel terrible "used" -- if indeed the prevailing belief is that Favre only wanted to play for them to get revenge on the Packers.

    I never liked that bumpkin. Not much classy about him. Good thing he was great at playing football, or he'd have likely spent his life on welfare. Rodgers has more class in his pinky than Favre has from head to toe.

  2. Jonathan, take Tuesday off, come back bright eyed on Wednesday morning, and have a posting that is POSITIVE. Say something nice once!

  3. It's beyond him. Once a curmudgeon, always a curmudgeon. Oh wait. Maybe grumpy old man suits him better.

  4. It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. Keep up the good work Jonathan.

    Besides, it's called: "My Two Cents", (which means to grumble about things), and it's HIS blog. If you don't like it, don't read it.

  5. If you want to blame someone for the demise on the Packer team.

    Start with TT and McCathy.
    They betrayed the organization.

    The sooner they leave Green Bay the sooner the team can start a REAL rebuilding.
    Hopefully it will be "BEFORE" they get the QueerB seriously injuried.
    High school coaches know you need an offensive line.