Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Bold Predictions

Let's wrap up Super Hype Week with some bold predictions for the Big Game:

--I predict that by the end of it's eight and a half hour pre-game show, the NFL Network will have interviewed every player, coach, and team employee of both the Saints and the Colts--along with every fan attending the game, all of the players that ever played in a Super Bowl and at least 100 celebrities who don't know anything about football.

--Even though he isn't even on TV Sunday, Fox Sports' Jay Glazer will hi-jack the pre-game festivitites by posting on his website that he "just talked to Brett Favre--and he says he will retire." CBS, ESPN and NFL Network will completely ignore the Super Bowl the rest of the afternoon and will dedicate their programming to confirming Glazer's report and to get the "reaction" of every player, coach, and team employee of both the Saints and the Colts--along with every member of the media covering the game.

--I predict that after Carrie Underwood lip-synchs the Super Bowl, Simon Cowell will appear on camera saying "That was a terrible choice of song for you."

--I see the Saints getting off to a quick start in the game--building a 10-point lead early on. But Peyton Manning will close the gap with another two minute drive at the end of the first half to cut the lead to just three at the break.

--Abbott and Costello will rejoice from beyond the grave as millions of women ask "Who's playing the halftime show?" and their husbands answer "That's right."

--There will be more than a few chuckles after Roger Daltrey sings "I hope I die before I get old" in "My Generation".

--Even though he isn't on TV, Chris Mortensen will hi-jack the halftime show by posting on that he just got an email from Brett Favre saying that he has changed his mind since kickoff--and that he will be back for another season in Minnesota. CBS will immediately dump out of the Who concert to get the reaction of players in the locker room to the news that Brett will return.

--I predict the Tim Tebow/Focus On the Family pro-life ad will win the USA Today "Ad Meter" competition for Super Bowl commercials--further confounding "pro-choice" groups who oppose any discussion of "choices" other than abortion.

--Peyton Manning and Drew Brees both throw for five touchdowns against beleagured defenses who don't get close to putting any pressure on them during the game.

--As Saints kicker Garrett Hartley lines up for a 50-yard field goal to tie the game with :05 left, Brett Favre hi-jacks the drama by text messaging Jim Nantz in the booth that he has changed his mind since halftime and will once again retire. Billions of viewers never see Hartley miss the kick as CBS chooses to air a "career tribute" feature for Favre. The Colts' 45-42 win is forever "tainted" by the end of Favre's career.

--As he hands the Vince Lombardi Trophy to game MVP Peyton Manning, James Brown asks what he thinks about Brett Favre's decision to retire.

--Come Monday morning, half of the people who "watched" the game won't even remember who won.


  1. Go Indy!! I hear Dems are routing for the Saints and Republicans are routing for Indy. Go Indy!

  2. Oh when Obama comes marching in, Oh when Obama comes marching in....

    Go Saints! I don't know if we will be routing for them, but certainly rooting for them.

  3. Here's my Super prediction; Dan Becker, first place in the school board election.

    Have you seen Karl "Marx" Lowenstein's blog? The guys is more hateful and nasty than Teresa Theil and Karen Bowen.

    His recent rant was:

    Wed at 10:23am
    Yesterday afternoon, the Oshkosh Educational Association (ie. the teachers' union) held a candidates forum. All five candidates were invited. Only three of us showed up. Steve Dedow, Steve Eliason and I answered questions and had an interesting conversation with the many teachers who were there. I hope everyone takes note of who is looking for input from all constituencies and who is not!

    I came away with a list of teacher concerns:


    Karl 'Marx' Lowenstein seems to think he has so much support out there he can cast stones, however, I'll point out, the guy knows nothing about the school district and is only running because Karen Bowen recruited him. I guess birds of a feather flock together.

    Good luck Dan, even though you don't need it, you will need it dealing with these extremists next term and will be the ONLY ONE I vote for in April!

  4. The previous poster is wrong.

    Karl "Marx" Lowenstein is more aligned with Lenin & Stalin and not Marx. Marx was a socialist before he became a communist.

    If you listen to Karl Lowenstein, he is more in the Lenin camp.

  5. Has it wrong? Who cares. Either way, it is scary how out of touch the guy is. He makes Karen Bowen look conservative.

  6. Jonathan, do you ever get tired of your blog being overtaken by the same old topic? Starts out as superbowl, ends up as Oshkosh School Board and teacher's union. Give me a break.

  7. unionskillthegoldengooseFebruary 5, 2010 at 7:47 PM

    Thanks Quidy...Looks like you made my choice easy! I'm voting for Lowenstein!

  8. unionskillthegoldengooseFebruary 5, 2010 at 7:50 PM


  9. There are those who contribute to the productive part of society, and those who do not. The schools do produce people who can contribute to the wealth of the nation, but beyond that the schools are a drain.
    I'd love to have a union with fatty bennies and collective bargaining, but in the real world such an arrangement would kill the milk-cow upon which I intend to feast.
    In the union world, there is a pretend amount of money and an infinite amount of good will for parasitism. When I run low on blood here in the real world, I either decapitate or incinerate (figuratively) any parasite I fine burrowing in my body.
    We the taxpayer have very little blood left, and the public sector union continues to suck.

  10. Calling the schools "not for profit" is exactly right. They skim money from the fat of the land via state and local taxes. There is no fat left, no muscle left, and now they wish to chew our bones. Without the porkulous bailout for state gov't, we'd have been forced to face the harsh reality of reducing the size of the public sector earlier.
    The fact is, Oshcorp jobs put money into the system, while public sector jobs are a drain.
    Your assertion that Oshcorp puts nothing back into the system is so myopic as to be truly a stupid statement. Ask yourself, how much tax does the school pay? Oshcorp (private sector) pays into the system, while OASD (public sector) draws from the system.

  11. unionskillthegoldengooseFebruary 5, 2010 at 9:42 PM

    It does my heart good to see others climbing on the Greedy Union bandwagon. We collectively must stop this group slopping at the trough of tax money. Cut the head off this parasite!

  12. Surprise surprise. Candidates going to the teachers union on their hands and knees beggin' for their endorsement.

    I wonder how accountable they will hold people? Probably as accountable as the majority has done for ever.

    Don't blame me, I didn't vote for em (the majority that is).

  13. tough place Oshkosh if you don't back a union (public sector) Huge university, prison, county gov. seat, then of course the standard city services and school system. All these people feeding at the trough of property taxes. No wonder the TEA parties are getting so much attention and gaining momentum.

  14. Far too many bloggers here must suffer from ADD. They can't stay on track no matter what. They also are nasty and jump to conclusions, despite being as wrong as they can be in their ASSumptions. It's no wonder they can't get a decent job and have to hate those who do. I didn't know much about Lowenstein before but thanks to the union haters I now know he'll get one of my votes. Whew, that was easy.

  15. To the Lowestein supporters. Why would you vote for the guy when the majority of the board for ever has been compromised of union endorsed candidates and the majority shape the school district?

    Are you just dumb?

    Why would anyone vote to continue with the majority that shapes the decisions? Even voters in Massachusetts understands that.

  16. You may think I'm dumb but I'm smart enough to realize that school budgets are impacted all over the country. Only those uninformed or ignorant about the facts would blame a local school board for a problem that is universal. You also lose credibility when you call someone dumb. It tells me you can't defend your position so you resort to name calling. It's pretty pathetic.

  17. "Why would anyone vote to continue with the majority that shapes the decisions? Even voters in Massachusetts understands that."

    What horrible language skills you have 11:59. And you call someone else dumb? LMAO.

  18. Green Bay is going to cut staff
    Appleton is going to cut staff
    The Appleton School Sup. is quoted saying 85% of costs are wages and benefits. You can't get to the kind of savings needed unless you reduce those factors.
    I hope Oshkosh follows!

  19. Wake up 8:49. The biggest part of any budget, private or public, is for salaries and benefits. No one seems to care as much as you'd like them to, as evidenced by the lack of people coming to budget meetings held by the school district and city and county governments. The make up of salaries and bennies in a budget isn't going to change much, so do you anything else to offer or are you just going to keep whining about it like a few others and a couple school board members we have?