Thursday, July 1, 2010

In the Race

Today, I announce my candidacy in the 54th Assembly District race on the Republican ticket. After much careful consideration, I have decided to leave my successful radio career and take up the challenge of representing the people of Oshkosh in Madison.

I believe that we can do a lot better than the representation we have had in the Assembly for the last four years. A nearly 10% increase in state spending, a $2.4 billion dollar deficit, $5 billion dollars in new taxes, last minute reductions in school aids that left the Oshkosh School District to find another million dollars in cuts after they had made their original budget—not to mention, the loss of 163,000 jobs statewide.

For five years now, my wife, Michele, and I have been debt-free except for our mortgage. We have learned to live within our means—and it is that attitude that I will take to Madison.

I look forward to meeting the people of Oshkosh—hearing about their concerns—and providing them with hope that we can return fiscal responsibility to Madison.



    I'll miss your blogs, but then again lately they haven't been too interesting. Others must think the same by the lack of responses.

    I am curious about your personal thoughts about the Rich Allen incident, especially since the 2 of you seemed to be fairly close friends outside the studio.

  2. I will also miss your blogs, unless you choose to continue them to let us follow your political path! (And with 90Pete, I have wondered frequently about the Rich Allen thing, but I imagine that is not something you can discuss here or elsewhere publicly)

    The vey best wishes to you on your ew career path!!!

  3. Thanks for the support Pete and Eristar. I will continue to blog on the campaign trail--and Twitter too

    As for Rich, I was under a corporate gag order not to discuss his case in any business-related forum.

    As you might guess, this came as a total shock to me and my wife. While I feel sad for the situation he finds himself in now, I feel 100-times worse for his wife and kids. I guess this just proves you can never really know a person.

  4. I understand your place about the gag order. I also feel bad for his family. I listened to the 2 of you bantering and enjoyed it and for the most part agreed with your opinions. I still find it hard to believe, as he seemed so down to earth, so I would imagine it even more difficult for you to comprehend.

    Again good luck in your endeavor, I hope you can make a difference.

  5. Go Jonathan! We need more like your type representing us both in Madison and on a national level.

    As for Rich. It was a great disappointment and my rational side did not want to believe what my ears were hearing. I admired and respected him greatly as a professional broadcaster throughout the years. I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to the both of you every morning. A deep void descended upon my mornings following the events that came to light. I will pray for him and his family.I sincerely hope for your future success in your new venture.

  6. I feel for his family, as well. Lauren was one of my campers in Girl Scout camp one year, and I have never forgotten her; I cannot imagine what she must be going through.
    Glad to know we can keep up with your new career; again, the best of luck to you!