Friday, September 16, 2011

Boycott Idiocy

Those "fighting for Wisconsin's working families" are once again turning their guns on those they claim to support.  Democratic State Senator Lena Taylor is encouraging her Facebook "friends" and constituents to boycott Georgia-Pacific products made right here in Wisconsin. 

The company's great sin: Moving jobs to China or Mexico?  Nope.  Eliminating health insurance coverage for employees?  Not that either.  G-P is drawing this attack from the left because the corporation is under the majority control of the Koch Brothers.  And because the Koch Brothers provided campaign money to Governor Scott Walker and other Repoublicans who voted for changes to the collective bargaining law--anything they are associated with is automatically "evil" and needs to be boycotted.

Not surprisingly, Taylor is finding ZERO support for her boycott--even from her fellow Democratic lawmakers.  Organized Labor's biggest puppet--Senator Dave Hansen of Green Bay--laughed off the idea--knowing that any support for such a ludicrous idea would require him to stay permanently in Illinois the next time he decides to abscond from his elected duties.  His comment was "we need to be focusing on job creation."

And there is the irony in all of the Democratic rhetoric.  People like the Koch Brothers, and the owners of Johnsonville Brats and Menards (other Democratic boycott targets) are the actual "job creators" in our economy.  Without their financial backing, and their focus on maintaining profitable operations, several thousand more people here in Wisconsin would be looking for gainful employment.  But people like Senator Lena Taylor don't think about that.  All they know is those people have a bunch of money and therefore must be villified for political purposes.

Since Senator Taylor's district covers many of the decaying northside Milwaukee neighborhoods, it might better serve Wisconsin's "working families" if she encouraged her constituents to "boycott" drugs...or drinking alcohol to excess...or illegal weapons...or dropping out of high school...or having unprotected sex.   Maybe we could afford to pick up more than 88% of state emloyees health insurance premiums--or 95% of their retirement benefits--if we didn't have to pay for the actions of so many of Senator Taylor's supporters.

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