Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What We Make

I know a number of local public sector employees are vexed that the local newspapers are printing their salaries and benefits for public review.  Perhaps they should keep in mind that these salaries are line items in budgets that are required by law to be open to the public--and that the newspapers are simply doing the work for everyone of going to an office somewhere to see them.  But if it will make you feel any better, here are my compensation numbers--for everyone to see:

Jonathan Krause--WOSH Program/News Director: Salary: $42, 850 Benefits: $2,145.12

In case you are wondering, the salary figure is $150 more than last year--because I did two additional sports broadcasts in 2012 than I did in 2011.  Otherwise, the base salary for this position stayed the same for the FIFTH CONSECUTIVE YEAR.  (That would be why those who complain about going two years with only a "cost of living adjustment" to their salaries don't usually find a sympathetic ear from me.)  And that salary was paid out on a total of 3,016 hours of work for the year.  No overtime for us salaried employees.  (i'd figure out the hourly rate--but I wouldn't want to depress myself.)  And that extra pay I did get required a good bit of driving on cold, showy winter nights to hotspots like Brillion, Hilbert and Seymour--or day trips down to Madison.

Some of you may be saying, "Wait a minute, those benefit numbers are way too low.  You're not counting something!!"  Remember, I am on a High Deductible Health Savings Account Plan that not only saves me money--but my employers as well.  And the $5000 that I would have to pay out of pocket for medical expenses every year means that I make every health care decision very carefully.  It's why I firmly believe that the only way we are going to "fix" health care is to make sure everyone has more "skin in the game".

And in case you are wondering, my employer pays 50% on my health insurance premium, a 30% match on my HSA contributions (which are the maximum allowed by the IRS--wouldn't want a responsible person to put away "too much" for their health care expenses--then we wouldn't need health care reform right?) and a 25% match on my 401(k) contributions. 

So there are my numbers.  Don't feel embarrassed at all by them either.  Not sure why anyone else would be.

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  1. You're over paid! How about what you make refing basketball games?