Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Very Casual Sex

Until the bombs exploded at Boston Marathon, the most shocking story on Monday was going to be the report that two students at Beaver Dam High School had been caught having sex in a hallway.  In case you missed it in our newscasts yesterday, a basketball coach at Beaver Dam High walked into the hallway after a game back in February to find the 17-year old boy and the 14-year old girl "fully engaged" in the act.  The boy was charged this month with Public Fornication--a charge that quite honestly, I have never seen filed in my 14-years of covering courts and crime.

Call me a fuddy-duddy, but this incident says a lot about the attitude today's kids have toward sex.  According to the police report, the girl told officers that the sex was consensual and "just kind of happened". Don't you hate that?  You're just going about your business during the day and all of a sudden you "just happen" to start having sex with someone--in public?

For his part, the boy was very proud to tell the cops that he "used protection" during the act.  Good job there, son--nothing is looked down upon more in our society today than "unsafe" public sex.  (By the way, why is having a gun on you considered a form of "pre-meditation" in murder cases--but carrying around a condom isn't considered "pre-meditation" in sexual crime cases?  You probably wouldn't have it on you if you weren't planning to use it, right?).  The report does not say if the boy got the condom at school--or if he bought it somewhere else.

And the setting--A BASKETBALL GAME?  We're not talking about the Prom, or the Homecoming Dance or even after a date featuring dinner and a romantic comedy.  I know teenagers are raging balls of hormones, but would could have possibly been going on in that game that got those two kids that worked up that they had to do it in a hallway?

There are some who would say that we should not be so critical of these kids.  The young girl was "taking control of her sexual being" and "exploring her sexuality".  The boy was "taking responsibility" and "showing respect for his partner by wearing protection".  And besides, "they were going to do it anyway, so we should at least teach them how to do it safely".

 I just thought you might "enjoy" a look into the mindset of today's youth.  It looks like we are doing a fine job raising that next generation.

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