Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Plan Is Working Perfectly

First off, let me send out best wishes to Steve "The Homer" True on a fast and complete recovery from injuries he suffered when he was hit by a drunk driver at 10:00 in the morning on his birthday yesterday down in Milwaukee.  (You know what they say, you can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning)  Now on to our regular feature.

While they offer up half-hearted apologies in public, you know that member of the Obama Administration are pretty proud that their plan for the Affordable Care Act is working to perfection.  I can see the look of confusion on your face as you think "What do you mean Jonathan?  ObamaCare has been a disaster.  The website doesn't work, nobody can (or wants to) sign up and millions are seeing their premiums go up.  How can that be considered to be 'perfect'?"

Well, you are forgetting that the Affordable Care Act was never designed to work correctly.  If Democrats really wanted a system that saw private health insurance companies continue to provide the coverage for the vast majority of Americans, they would have actually taken the time to design a system that would ensure the economic viability of those providers and made patients themselves more aware of the costs they are incurring when seeking medical attention. 

But that is not their goal--and never has been.  The Affordable Care Act was the most "acceptable" form of a poison pill that President Obama and the Democratic majority in Congress could sneak past the American People in 2009.  Anyone who took Freshman Economics in high school knew that by forcing insurance companies to cover people with very expensive pre-existing conditions, that would lead to higher premiums for everyone else--and put great strain on the insurers to stay in the black.  And that same basic class would lead you to understand that increasing demand for medical service will only drive up the price for medical service across the system.  Add to that the cutting of Medicare re-imbursements and hospitals and doctors will face huge losses as well.

Meanwhile, the problems with the website have kept the millions of young, healthy Americans that need to buy over-priced policies from getting into the system--and you have already set in motion that "Death Spiral" that will cause the entire house of cards to collapse upon itself.  And who comes riding in to the rescue?  Not Republicans, who would likely need to convince Americans that they need to have more "skin in the game" and make better health care decisions (who wants personal accountability?)  No, it will be the same Democrats--playing the role of "Arsonist Firefighters"--who will insist that the only solution to the huge problem they created with the ACA is Nationalized-Single-Payer-Health-Care--which has long been the stated goal of Liberals like Senator Tammy Baldwin and Congresswoman Gwen Moore all along.

So while it may appear that the Obama Administration is totally inept in rolling out "health care reform", things are actually going just they way they hoped it would.

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