Monday, January 13, 2014

Hollywood's Best, Shining Brightly

One of the great things about the proliferation of live sports on television and social media on the internet is that we are no longer so dependent upon Hollywood to entertain us.  NFL Playoff games and final round golf from Hawaii kept anything having to do with the Golden Globes off my television--while Twitter provided all of the "highlights" without having to sit through self-congratulatory acceptance speeches or any song and dance numbers.

The night apparently got off to a smashing start when a water or sewer line ruptured on the Red Carpet (the latter would have been far more fitting I'm sure).  Then E! Entertainment Network (who is single-handedly responsible for the inclusion of the vapid question "Who are you wearing?" in our vocabulary) posted this "Fun Fact" about Michael J Fox during their Red Carpet coverage:

I bet having a debilitating neuro-muscular disease is nothing but fun for Mr. Fox!  (E! has since apologized)

Several conservative Twitterphiles pointed out that show hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler--who made their names skewering Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live made no mention of President Obama in their opening monologue or between-awards segments.  No mention of NSA spying, no website glitch jokes, no references to miserable jobs reports.  Apparently, the Shoe of Abject Failure isn't so funny when it's on the other foot.

And then to make things super awkward for everyone involved, Woody Allen was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award.  Woody has made a ton of movies--all of which are not the least bit funny if you don't live in New York or Hollywood.  Add to that his "complicated" personal life--which includes being married to his adopted step-daughter (which was alluded to jokingly by Diane Keaton in her "tribute" speech) and this bombshell tweet from his estranged step-son Ronan Farrow:

Ronan Farrow         @RonanFarrow
Missed the Woody Allen tribute - did they put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her at age 7 before or after Annie Hall?

Kind of makes you wonder why Woody didn't show up to accept the award in person doesn't it?  Of course, the "honor" comes from the same group that nominated Roman Polanski recently and wanted the director's arrest and extradition orders for his own rape of a teenage girl lifted so he could come back to Hollywood without fear of going to prison.

And then I get up this morning and find that Jared Leto and Michael Douglas are being called "homophobic" after winning awards for their portrayal of transgender and gay characters.  The folks at the ULTRA-Liberal website are upset that Leto and Douglas didn't use their three minutes in the national spotlight to make impassioned pleas for LGBTQ rights.  That is apparently what now passes for "homophobia" these days, the refusal to talk about gay issues 24/7.

Unfortunately, we are just at the beginning of Hollywood (and the music industry's) self-congratulatory period.  We've got another couple months of this garbage being treated as "National News!".  Good thing there is NFL Playoffs, college basketball and the Olympics coming up to distract us.

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