Monday, April 28, 2014

Everything is Political

One of the sidebars to the controversy that erupted over the weekend from the release of audio tape purportedly exposing Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling making racists comments about his mistress posting pictures of herself with Magic Johnson on "the Instagram" was the efforts by political bloggers to tie him to one of the political parties--and to make him the new face of their bigotry.

The initial Twitter traffic pegged Sterling as "another" Republican racist--posting links to campaign donation records showing Sterling giving tens of thousands to GOP candidates.  The only problem was, that was a different Donald Sterling--who lives in Texas--and likely didn't appreciate the controversy that his more-famous namesake was creating for him.  Further research found that THE Donald Sterling had given all of $6000 to Senator Bill Bradley--a Hall of Fame basketball player--and Gray Davis--the Democratic Governor who was recalled in favor of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

After that, it was Donald Sterling--the DEMOCRATIC DONOR AND FUNDRAISER RACIST--among everyone on the right.  But what we have no real idea of is what Sterling's political alliances are based on those TWO contributions.  He obviously knew Senator Bradley from his NBA playing days.  And Gray Davis was just as kooky as Sterling is--so they likely spoke a common language.  I don't recall seeing Donald Sterling on MSNBC bashing income inequality from his Beverly Hills mansion.  And the Clippers didn't have "Sign up for ObamaCare Night" at the Forum this past season. 

Why does it surprise people that everything is so partisan in Washington or Madison when everyone outside of politics is still identified by their party affiliation?  It makes you wonder if Jeffrey Dahmer had committed his killing spree today, if every news report would include the line "Dahmer--who had a Scott Walker For Governor sign in his yard--lured his victims in with promises of a good meal."  Another good headline would be the "Cannibal Republican Preys Upon Milwaukee Men".

Here's a shocker for everybody, bigotry knows no political boundaries.  It can be seen on one side that believes minority power is a threat--and on the other side that sees minority populations as totally incapable of taking care of themselves. 

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