Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Neverending School Year

I have a question today for all the Oshkosh students who have spent the past two weeks or so of beautiful spring and summer days stuck in classes: Has it been worth it?

I don't mean do you think going to school is worth it.  That answer is obviously "yes".  I mean is it worth sitting inside a building on days like we've had this month while you had days off during some of the worst times of the year. 

Were you able to lay out in the sun and work on your tan on Friday, October 25th--when you had off of school for no particular reason?  Did you go for a bike ride on Monday, November 11th while teachers worked on "Professional Development and Record Keeping"?  Did your family go on a nice day trip on Friday, November 22nd--instead of to parent-teacher conferences?  Did you run around at the park on Friday, November 29th to work off that big meal you had on Thanksgiving?  Was it sunny and 75 on Monday December 23rd for the start of 8-day, non-denominational "Winter Break"?  Did you got to the water park on any of the 6-days off from April 18th through the 25th for non-denominational "Spring Break"?

Mother Nature robbed you of even more time off this year.  Friday, March 14th and Friday, May 23rd would have been additional days without classes if it hadn't been so darn cold in December and January that school was closed.  And now you're stuck with an another extra day on Thursday of this week as a snow day make up.

I can never remember going to school this late into June.  We started classes around Labor Day weekend, but we didn't get a week and a day off for "spring break" and our parents went to teachers' conferences at night--after we had gone to classes that day.  But if you and your parents want all of that wasted time off when the weather is crappy and there's really no place to be other than in school--keep accepting these schedules from the District.

Of course, even if you kids were off the past few weeks, you teenagers probably would have just been sleeping until noon and spending the rest of the day in front of the TV, playing video games, chatting, texting, Instagramming and reading SlenderMan stories.  You younger kids would have been told by your parents to stay inside too--because outside are where the sex offenders, the stinging bugs, the dirt and the germs are.  So I guess you may as well be stuck in a classroom where at least your time will be a little better spent.

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