Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Same Is Not Better

A new poll finds Americans' confidence in the future has reached it's lowest level since such polling began.  Fewer than one in four Americans believe that their children's generation will have a better life than they have.  Accelerating a decline that started back in the 1990's.

The authors of the survey are trying to spin as a statement on the hype surrounding "income inequality"--saying Americans have lost the hope that hard work will help them get ahead.  In the same article, President Obama is quoted in a fundraising speech last month as saying that doubt stems from concern over the "New World Order"--and that confidence will be restored when his "new economy" is put into place.

But what everyone is failing to realize is that the low poll numbers are the result of years and generations of not aiming for individual and economic improvement--but rather trying to make everyone "the same".  It is the stated goal of President Obama and his allies on the Left to make sure that everyone has the same health insurance, the same education, the same housing situations, the same eco-friendly-healthy foods to eat, the same salaries, the same vehicles, all with the same attitudes and the same opinions about everyone else in the country.

In the immediate future, that means those living above the "same-ness" targets are looking at having that lifestyle cut back (through increased taxation and regulation)--so why would they be confident about the future?  I'd be willing to bet the 24% who are confident about the future are those who might get the boost being promised to them by the Left in coming years (without considering the limitations reliance on the Government places on your future).

And the closer you come to this "same-ness", where does any further improvement come from?  Do you think those living in the European Social Democracies that President Obama wants to model our country after are any more optimistic about the future?  Their governments have already decided what their futures are going to be like--and the possibilities aren't nearly as limitless as they are here in the "in-equal" U-S-of-A.

If anything, this new poll should be seen as a positive for those who believe in a free-market, individualistic America again.  Because 76% of us see where we are going as a country--and we don't like it.

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