Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bet the House Payments

I'm already 1-0 on my Wisconsin Badger picks, so I may as well give you all the winners for the Packers schedule as well,

Week 1 at Seattle: The Seahawks just plain don't lose at home.  So I will take them here--but the score will be completely dependent on how the referees call the game.  If it's like the flag-fests we saw in the pre-season where looking at a receiver draws a pass interference penalty, then the final score will be 77-70 as the teams take turns throwing bombs to draw flags.  If it's called like defenses are allowed to be on the field, then the Hawks win 23-17.

Week 2 vs the New York Jets:  The Jets can't decide between Geno Smith and Michael Vick at quarterback.  The Packers dominate 34-10.

Week 3 at Detroit: Everyone seems to be jumping on the Lions bandwagon as a possible challenger to the Pack in the NFC North.  It's still the same group of stupid players--with a less-stupid coach.  The Packers still win 31-27.

Week 4 at Chicago: Does Jay Cutler still play quarterback for the Bears? Packers win 27-21.

Week 5 vs Minnesota: Adrian Peterson rushes for 200-yards in this Thursday nighter at Lambeau, but Aaron Rodgers throws for over 400 and Green Bay wins 33-27.

Week 6 at Miami:  Miami will be an improved team this year--and it will likely be about 90 degrees for this Noon kickoff--but the Packers handle the heat and win 26-20.

Week 7 vs Carolina:  There is no more overrated player in the NFL than Cam Newton.  That fact is exposed in this one as the Pack makes it six in a row 23-14.

Week 8 at New Orleans:  They had better make sure that all the lights on the scoreboard at the SuperDome work for this one as Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers throw for 450+--but the Saints get the ball last and kick a game-winning field goal to send the Packers into their bye week with a 44-41 loss.

Week 10 vs Chicago:  Jay Cutler still healthy and playing in this one?  He throws a game-losing Pick Six in the 4th, Packers win the Sunday nighter 34-27.

Week 11 vs Philadelphia:  I doubt Scott Tolzien or Seneca Wallace will be playing QB for the Green Bay in this one.  Packers win again 28-20.

Week 12 at Minnesota: Remember, still no dome for the Vikings so it could be a bit chilly.  Eddie Lacy outgains AP on the ground and the Packers grind out a 20-16 win.

Week 13 vs New England:  CBS will be hyping this as a POTENTIAL SUPER BOWL PREVIEW!!!!  If that is the case, Tom Brady is getting his fourth ring.  Pats win 38-31.

Week 14 vs Atlanta:  Atlanta stunk last year--but mainly because all of their skill position guys got hurt.  I think they catch the Pack in a letdown from the previous loss to New England and steal one at Lambeau 28-27.

Week 15 at Buffalo:  I predict an absolute blizzard coming off of Lake Ontario December 14th and the NFL sees its first 0-0 tie since 1943.  Yes, I am predicting a tie.

Week 16 at Tampa:  Wow, what a difference a week makes.  Green Bay goes from a foot of snow to 80-degrees and sun--and whips up on the Buccaneers 38-10.

Week 17 vs Detroit: The Lions may have a chance to catch Green Bay for the NFC North title in this one.  That is why they will choke like the gutless dogs they are. Packers 41-14.

Green Bay wins the Division with an 11-4-1 record--but get the #3 Seed behind Seattle and New Orleans.  That means they play at home in the WildCard round beating Atlanta in game marred by the return of the Polar Vortex and dangerous wind chills on a Saturday night at Lambeau 17-6.

The Packers hit the road in the Divisional Round to face New Orleans again and this time Aaron Rodgers sets up the game-winning FG by going over 500-yards passing.  Packers 47-44.

And then it's back to Seattle for Green Bay in the NFC Championship.  Former Badger Russell Wilson stickes it to Wisconsin fans again--running in the game-winning TD late.  Seahawks return to the Super Bowl with a 37-34 win.

In Arizona, Seattle's hopes for a repeat are dashed as Peyton Manning exacts his revenge.  Broncos are Super Bowl champs this time, 34-17.

So there you go.  Start planning your earlier retirement with all of the cash I just made for you.

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