Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Oh How We Have Missed the Clintons

Monday will not go down as a banner day for the power couple of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  First, the Former President's official portrait was unveiled to the public and the artist admitted to the media that the shadow that appears to fall upon the mantle is in fact that of a "blue dress".  I likely would have to explain what that means to our younger listeners--since Common Core History assuredly teaches that the impeachment of President Clinton was strictly a "Republican Witch Hunt to destroy the credibility of one of America's most popular Democratic Presidents" and not about lying under oath during a sexual harassment lawsuit deposition.

Nevertheless, the inclusion of the "dress shadow" is really a low blow.  If I was Bill Clinton, I'd call a press conference to put my foot through the portrait and then tell the painter "That's what I think about your 'artistic statement', jerk."  (As an aside, we've had photography for more than 150-years now--why do we still need "official portraits" of Presidents?)

Former First Lady/Senator/Secretary of State/Democratic Candidate for President Hillary Clinton found herself under greater scrutiny last night after the New York Times reported that while serving as Secretary of State, Clinton never established a government email account to do her business while in that office.  What's more, her private email transmissions were never saved to any government servers--meaning that all business Clinton transacted while Secretary could remain off-limits to the prying eyes of the press, other branches of Government and the rest of the public--unless of course, we want to take her to court to find out.

You cannot help but wonder what the impetus was for that decision?  Perhaps it was something as innocuous as the aging Former First Lady fearing she wouldn't be able to remember those outrageous government email addresses: madame.secretary.hillary.rodham-clinton@state.department.us.gov/business.  Or maybe she wasn't allowed to make "bluedress95" her password--since there's no way she would ever forget that one.

The more likely scenario is that Mrs. Clinton wanted to make sure that nobody would ever know who else was being provided the information contained in top secret correspondences from State Department Officials, the White House and other world leaders.  What Former President might have been blind carbon copied on negotiations, official statements and internal discussions?  And what think tanks may have provided "politically prudent" recommendations to Secretary Clinton to give her the appearance of being "qualified on foreign affairs when the time came to make the official announcement of her 2016 run for the White House?  Without those emails being in the public record, we may never know.  Unless Hillary and Bill leave the White House "flat broke" again--and need something juicy for the next ten-million dollar book advance.

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