Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Thank You All

Last night we hosted our big Diamond Giveaway party as part of our 75th Anniversary here at WOSH and it was really a great time.  I'm sure that our winner--Arlen Belisle--and his wife were the happiest people at the end of the night.  But I left with a real positive feeling as well.

I was really touched by the number of our listeners who thanked us for the job we do here every morning in providing them with the latests in news, weather and sports.  And many also told me how much they enjoy My Two Cents every day.  I admit, this is a one-way form of communication--I give you my opinion, and usually only the angriest of people call me or send me emails threatening to never listen again (until they send me another angry email or voice mail message a couple of months later).

The most common feedback I get is usually from Oshkosh Common Council members who don't like hearing their own words played back on the air for more than the five people that show up for their meetings and the couple of hundred that watch public access TV.  I usually get a chuckle when my reporter shoots me a text "The Council is talking about you again".  So to hear from so many of our listeners and their appreciation for what we do is great.

I'll admit, there are more than a few days that I sit down to write this feature with little or no enthusiasm for the project.  It may have been a late night, or I may doubt that the listeners want to hear about the 100th near accident I had in one of the roundabouts where last night I was forced to drive onto the paver bricks to avoid being hit by a silver car whose driver decided that he was no longer going to wait for traffic from the left and was just going to gun it into the inside lane.  Nothing like showing up for a public event in a suit that you nearly soiled on the way over.

But again, thank you so much for the positive feedback and the appreciation shown for what we do here at WOSH.  I'll go back to being the "angry, white man" one guy at the Oshkosh Business Expo called all of us here last month.

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