Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Denying Them Their Identity

While White House claims that ISIS is being contained and their ability to strike against the West is diminished are followed by more ISIS attacks against the West, one tactic employed by the Obama Administration against Islamic terrorism is apparently working.  Islamic terrorists are getting frustrated by the President and his lackeys not calling Islamic terrorism "Islamic terrorism".

This week, Al Qaeda posted on their Arabian website that lone wolf attackers in American target only white people--so that the President and Federal officials can't call their attacks "hate crimes":

“avoid targeting places and crowds where minorities are generally found” because if gays or Latinos appear to be the targets, “the federal government will be the one taking full responsibility.”

The "advice" comes after the Orlando nightclub shooting took place at a gay bar packed for "Latin Night".  While the gunman called 911 from the club to let everyone know that he was acting on behalf of ISIS and several other Islamic terrorist groups, Attorney General Loretta Lynch publicly stated "we will never know his motives"--and then redacted any and all references to Islam and Islamic terrorism from the transcripts of those 911 calls--like no one was ever going to know the difference.  That followed the classification of the Fort Hood shootings as "workplace violence" and another "we will never know their motives" in the San Bernardino shootings. 

What also has to frustrate the Islamic terrorists is that after all of those incidents, the national debate wasn't over "how do we stop Islamic terrorists from striking the US?"--it was instead "When is Congress going to do something about gun control?"  If the President really wanted to get under the skin of the Islamic terror groups, he should start calling them "The NRA".  Of course, President Obama likes to lecture Islamic terrorists about how they "really aren't Islam"--even though they "self-identify" as Islamic--and he always tells the rest of us that we are bigots if we don't recognize "self-identification".

But who knows, maybe if we deny Islamic terrorists their own identities long enough, they will become so frustrated that they just give up.  It can't be any less effective of a strategy than what we are already employing.

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