Wednesday, October 5, 2016

She's Not Really a Follower

The main selling point that Hillary Clinton has been pushing for all of those young voters that supported President Obama in the past two elections has been that she will "continue his legacy" if they vote for her.  And while polls show those young voters aren't buying it, you really have to wonder if she is the type that is going to continue down a path set by someone else.  You don't establish your "own legacy" by just doing what the guy before you was doing--and so Mrs Clinton has to veer away from what President Obama has done in order to be seen as "her own woman". 

Former President Bill Clinton is already laying the groundwork for that effort.  This week he took the Affordable Care Act to task calling it the "craziest thing in the world"--and citing the 50% premium increases that people enrolled in the state-run health insurance exchanges will be facing next year as "proof" that it isn't working.  (In Minnesota, the state performed a world-class "news dump" of that information just before 5:00 on a Friday afternoon--ensuring little media coverage of the announcement).  Clinton also called "ObamaCare" bad for small businesses.

Now before you go calling Bill Clinton a "neo-Conservative", consider that he has to make "ObamaCare" look as bad as possible now--so that version 2.0: "HillaryCare" is seen as this great improvement upon a rudimentary system set up by her predecessor.  In reality, it will be another step in the "failure by design" scheme intended to establish government-run health care so that we can all enjoy the quality of such services as seen in the Veterans Administration health care system.

There may be some Obama Administration legacies that Mrs Clinton will continue--like killing American citizens abroad through the use of drone strikes.  Julian Assange claims in a WikiLeaks release that Clinton asked if the US couldn't just "drone him" while he was releasing classified and sensitive documents--and being hailed as a national hero by the Left.  Clinton says that if she actually said that--she was just joking (like Donald Trump taking away the guns of Clinton's security detail--right?)
While some Republicans try to sway voters that electing Hillary Clinton "will be a third term for Barack Obama"--don't believe it.  This is a shrewd, manipulative candidate who doesn't want to share credit with anyone--and she will do everything she can to NOT be Barack Obama--whether it be good or bad for the country.

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