Friday, June 9, 2017

What Are We Opposing Again?

There was a great article on The Federalist website last week about how the Trump administration has given birth to so many "movements" in Washington and throughout politics that it's becoming impossible to figure out who is on what "team" anymore. 

For starters, you have the "Trumpers"--the 23-percent or so of Americans that got the President elected and who still support him--and who likely believe that he is the "victim" of the greatest political witch hunt in history.  Then you have the Anti-Trump camp.  They are the ones who believe that the President can do absolutely nothing right and that all of his proposals must be opposed in the most vocal way possible.  Every Democrat and celebrity would fall into this category.

The rise of the "Anti-Trump" movement then birthed the "Anti-Anti-Trump" group.  This is the safe haven for conservatives and Republicans that don't like Trump either--but who don't want liberal ideologies normalized either.  The "Anti-Anti-Trumpers" don't directly criticize the President--but instead take those who are criticizing him to task for either the tone of their message, the conspiracy theories they expound or the ludicrous alternatives they propose.  A lot of GOP members of Congress and pretty much everybody at Fox News Channel are on this "team".

When the "Anti-Anti-Trump" campaign started making itself heard, those on the left had to fight back with their own counter-movement--giving birth to the "Anti-Anti-Anti-Trump" group.  These are the folks that accuse those attacking Trump's attackers of being "supporters" of the President by proxy.  To them, a lack of full denouncement of everything coming out of the White House is to be considered tacit support for what is going on--and that too must be opposed at all costs.  MSNBC is leading the charge for this group.

And that has now brought us to the rise of the "Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Trump" campaign--which again are people not enthused with the behavior and leadership style of the President, but who realize that it is possible to oppose those who oppose him--without supporting him in any way shape or form.  This is the realm of the deeper political thinkers who don't boil down all politics to just sound bites and news channel panels speaking party talking points over and over and over again.

Can we extend this out even further?  Can there be an "Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Trump" movement?  By that point you'd almost be reaching calls for taking up arms against not just the President, but his supporters, the people who oppose his opposition, and those who think the opposition-opposers can still not support the President.  And if that happened, you would need a lot of different army colors just to tell everyone apart on the battlefield.

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