Thursday, July 20, 2017

Let Them Smoke Pot!

For all the concern that Democrats claim to have for the plight of the poor and downtrodden in this state, they sure have a funny way of trying to "solve" their core constituency's problems.  Take for instance the push to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Wisconsin.

In a state that is struggling to fill skilled jobs because so many went through the education system without learning the skills necessary for today's workforce, employers are also running into the problem of qualified applicants that can't pass a simple drug test.  How then does encouraging people to use one of the drugs employers don't want their workers to be using going to help the unemployed (or underemployed) find and retain jobs?

We hear often from Democrats that the poor don't have enough money for the basics: food, medicine, transportation, child care--and that Government programs need to be set up to provide all of those.  But is the legalized marijuana going to be free?  Based on the number of dealers getting busted, business in the illegal drug trade is booming here in Wisconsin--so plenty of that money low-income families never seem to have is going into the pockets of those dealers.  Or are you going to make an argument that legalization will "help lower the cost" of pot?

And let's not forget the heady numbers supporters of legal weed like to toss around for taxes the state could collect at marijuana dispensaries.  Who is paying that tax?  The One Percent?  Evil corporations?  No.  It will be the low and middle income drug users that Democrats already say are paying "more than their fair share".

If you are going to say "Jonathan, the poor don't use drugs in any higher rates that the middle class and the rich", I would direct you to a Politifact check on a comment from Congresswoman Gwen Moore of Milwaukee who tried to shoot down Governor Scott Walker's drug testing for welfare recipients by saying the "poor people are less likely to use drugs because they can't afford them".  Politifact gave that a "false" rating--as numerous studies find higher drug usage rates as incomes decline.

It almost makes you think that Democrats want to keep people unemployable and broke.

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