Friday, August 4, 2017

The Show That Made a Difference

Today marks the final day that the Dave Ramsey Show will air here on WOSH.  The decision was not made by those of us here at the Radio Ranch--but rather by those in Dave's company.  This will be tough for me, as the Dave Ramsey Show has had a huge impact on the lives of both me and my wife.  Since getting on the "Dave Plan" we have paid off more than 160-thousand dollars in debt--including our mortgage--and we are well on our way to saving for an early retirement.

Whenever I was having a tough day, I knew I could turn on Dave and be reminded of what we have overcome so far, and what a difference we will be able to make in the future.  And I know there are a number of you that have also been working the "Dave Plan" to take control of your financial future as well.

But my own "journey" isn't even my favorite "Dave story".  It's actually this from Winneconne Village Administrator Mitch Foster and his wife Becky:

I'm sorry we can't continue to bring you this positive and empowering program on a daily basis anymore.  Again, it certainly was not our decision.  In the meantime, Phil Valentine will be here on Monday afternoon telling you what idiots liberals are.

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