Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday 10-1

The Oshkosh School Board will spend its day trying to come up with a new attendance area plan. All I can say is "Good luck." A body with a track record of backing away from any change that upsets more than three parents will take it upon themselves to craft a map that will spread the pain to as many people as possible.

We'll hear this morning on our newscasts how everyone is going in with an open mind and how they are willing to compromise in order to reach consensus on one plan. That would be a refreshing change in politics--as compromise has become a lost art.

I have a new idea for them to consider: Change the name of Oshkosh North to Oshkosh East. Then draw a diagonal line from the northwest corner of the district to the Southeast corner and divide all attendance areas as close to that line as possible. How can people living along the lake complain about having to attend East High School--they live on the eastside of town. Sure, you'd have to change a lot of logos and sports jerseys--but that's a small price to pay for applying a little logic to the problem.

I doubt my plan will get any discussion today. It doesn't address socio-economic problems--the highest priority for at least three members of the board--and it may not save the absolute most money possible--the main point for several others. But to me it makes the most sense geographically.

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