Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday 10-23

Some random thoughts today:

Why does anyone want to live in California? Earthquakes, wildfires, hardly anyone speaks English anymore, Nancy Pelosi. What is the draw anymore? Is the possibility of having Britney Spears or Lindsey Lohan crashing into you that exciting.

When a haunted house advertises "evil clowns", isn't that being redundant?

When everyone stops smoking, where will the state get all of the money it plans to spend from the higher cigarette tax? Even if everyone kicks the habit, we aren't going to get any healthier as a society--since baby boomers are getting into that age group where nothing works right unless you are taking some kind of pill.

If Oshkosh North wins a state title at Division Two, will it be dismissed because they didn't have to beat the biggest schools in the state to take it? Will that D-2 designation spur further attendance area changes to make sure the Spartans play in D-1?

I'd be willing to bet that if the Otter Street Fishing Club wanted to build a lighthouse on the end of its fishing pier, everyone would be jumping for joy. For some reason, lighthouses are beautiful and attract tourists--but docks are ugly and only attract vandals and litterers.

Why are we even playing the NFL regular season? Let's just have New England and Indianapolis play for the Lombardi Trophy and save fans of any NFC teams the embarrassment of seeing their team destroyed in the Super Bowl.

Why is the Appleton School District considering renting out houses it will buy to make way for a sports complex at West High School? School districts exist to educate children--not own and rent housing units. Tear them down or don't buy them until you are ready to start building the new football field.

We have a three month delay in reaching a state budget agreement and we still have a structural deficit of a billion dollars? During the delay, somebody should have sharpened their pencils to make sure we aren't borrowing against our future to pay for programs today.

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