Monday, December 31, 2007

Monday 12-31

Today everybody is making their resolutions for the New Year--so I may as well make a few here as well.

I hereby resolve to not do any stories about Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton. Nobody over the age of 13 really cares what these idiots do with their lives. I just wish the major TV networks would make this same resolution.

I resolve to tune out all of the attack ads coming our way this year. If there are more than three candidates still in the running before the Wisconsin Presidential primary--you may want to keep the TV off for the entire month of February--because it won't be pretty.

I resolve to continue to publicly bash the idiots running the Big Ten Network for taking away Badger basketball from the fans just so the schools can keep the revenue for themselves rather than share it with standard cable networks and the athletic departments.

I resolve not to be disappointed when the New England Patriots crush the Dallas Cowboys again in the Super Bowl. Nobody is slowing down that juggernaut.

I resolve to do a better job of keeping the house neat. I promised my wife I'd get that one in there.

I resolve to knock eight strokes off my gold handicap this summer. There is no reason that I should be a 15--considering I spent more than a thousand dollars on new equipment this year--and played more than any year since I was in high school.

I resolve to get Senator Herb Kohl to actually do an interview this year. He's been in office for almost 20-years and he has never been on any of our radio shows. Does anyone actually know where he stands on any issues?

Finally, I resolve to continue to bring you the best in local news coverage in the Fox Valley. It's the least you deserve.

Happy New Years everybody.


  1. AS long as you are discussing idiots - Check out the Dec. 27th blog.


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