Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday 12-20

Thank you celebrity obsessed national media for creating another embarassing situation for parents to deal with. Jamie Lynn Spears--the sister of you know who--and the star of Nickelodian's "Zoey 101" announced in OK magazine this week that she is pregnant. Normally that would be OK--but Spears is just 16-years old and is not married to the 19-year old father of the child. I'm sure more than a few young fans of the show will have some tough questions for mom and dad about what happened to Zoey.

Can we please do a few stories on young women who are doing something positive with their lives? I can't imagine what its like to be a girl nowadays--being bombarded with "breaking news" about every successful young woman running afoul of the law, getting pregnant out of wedlock, going to rehab and leaving their husband of a whopping two years.

I guess that goes hand in hand with the marketing campaigns of all young females with big, fake breasts, exposed by low-cut outfits and high-rise skirts. Remember a few years ago when we did stories on the problem schools were having with too-revealing clothes on female students? The response from parents was "that's all the stores carry now for teen fashions." I guess I picked the wrong time to go to high school. When I was a teen, it was the late 80's and multiple-layers covered with baggy sweaters were all the rage. The only girls who showed what they had played on the volleyball and basketball teams.

The male population doesn't make it any easier for girls either. Sometimes when I'm reffing a high school game I can't believe the lyrics of songs played over the PA system during warmups and timeouts. And there are the girls singing along with the suggestive and degrading lyrics.

And don't even get me started on the internet. One of my favorite websites features musical playlists posted by users. There is also a feature that allows the poster to put on a picture of themselves and to "chat" with other users. It never fails that the most "provocative" pictures are put on there by 15 and 16-year old girls--who then get dozens of responses from the thirty-something guys inviting them to chat at a different site.

My wife and I are trying to have a baby--but I fear having a girl. I wonder how I'm going to get her to have a positive self-image if she is not a size two and how I'll keep her away from all the dirty old men in cyberspace and real life. It would help a lot if being over-dressed and undersexed would become popular again.

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