Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday 3-20

For those who are still agonizing over your NCAA Tournament brackets I am here today with a few last-minute tips.

Stay away from Memphis. They cannot make free throws to save their lives. Barely above sixty percent for the season. I could make that many left-handed.

Don't get swept up in home team pride. Marquette is too soft inside and too inconsistent from the perimiter to make a long run. The Badgers have had a great season--but just don't have the talent to win it all. Although, on my "Upset Sheet" I do have Bucky making it all the way to the championship game.

Believe in the mid-majors. Drake, Winthrop, Butler and Xavier are all good enough to make the Sweet 16 and give the big boys a scare after that.

Throw out the Big Ten. The conference stunk this year, and outside of Wisconsin, I don't have any of the other three teams winning more than one game.

Go with the chalk. On my "Serious Sheet", I've got three number one seeds and a number two. George Mason from two years ago was the exception and not the rule when it comes to the Final Four the last two decades.

So what is my Final Four? On the "Serious Sheet" I've got North Carolina beating Kansas on one side and UCLA beating Texas on the other side. Then the Bruins beat the Tar Heels in the finals.

In my "Upset Bracket" I've got Wisconsin knocking off Tennessee and UCLA beating Pittsburgh--with the Bruins again beating the Badgers in the Finals.

So enjoy the next three weeks of Madness...and don't let the boss catch you watching too many games on the internet.

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