Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday 3-03

First off, I have to admit when I am wrong. Earlier this winter, I made the bold prediction that an Oshkosh boys basketball team was NOT going to make it down to State this year. Congratulations to the West Wildcats for proving me wrong.

Now on to today's topic. Usually, this feature is reserved for my own opinion (hence the name: My Two Cents). But today, I would like to share and excellent op-ed piece from Sunday's Chicago Tribune by psychiatrist Richard Bromfield entitled: "Indulging Our Kids, Ourselves."

Here is the link to check it out yourself:,0,6183723.story


  1. I called you on your prediction a few weeks ago. I went to make a post this morning only to find your admission. You underestimate the FVA. Defense wins.

  2. I went to the link and read the article -- what an excellent commentary. All my children are now grown; 31, 28, and 24 respectively. Sometimes they speak of former college-mates who had everything paid for, tuition, cars, spending money, etc. I sometimes feel a pang of guilt for not being able to free them of their student loans, etc. But after reading this, I take a real comfort in knowing that they are educated, unspoiled, and independent members of society. They all live on their own and make their own decisions. While it's hard to watch your children struggle and be disappointed at times, it's really the best thing you can do for them. To all the parents who think "brown-nosing" the teachers, coaches, etc. and paying for everything will be beneficial to your kids, think again. They are the ones who will still be living in your basement when they are 35, unable to cope with the real world.