Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday 6-09

Just a few odds and ends today:

Since I am here at work today, it's obvious I did not make a hole in one Sunday at Walleye Weekend for the million dollars. I hit a great shot--a high fade that ended up right in line with the pin--but 20-feet-five and three-quarters inches short of the cup. That was good enough for fourth place. The wind was directly into our faces--and the driving range at Whispering Springs was absolutely soaked--but I decided to stick with my 8-iron, figuring adrenaline would add enough distance to make up for the wind and the lack of roll. I guess I was wrong. The guy who came the closest was just outside nine feet and left of cup. He won a boat that I would have had no use for anyway.

In more important matters....The Oshkosh Common Council selected Grand Chute Town Administrator Mark Rohloff as the new City Manager. Mark wins immediate points with me by admitting he listens to the Morning News Focus. I was a bit disappointed that he put riverfront development as his top priority. I would have preferred re-structuring city spending to guarantee enough to provide basic services without extra fees. All and all, I expect Mark to do a good job and to be more open with the public and the council than his predecessor.

And finally, can someone please turn off the rain? We had a small amount of water in the basement when we got back from Fond du Lac last night--and more in the basement again this morning. The sump pump just can't keep up with five inches of rain a day. There is nothing worse than living in fear of rain. I was lying awake for nearly an hour last night, cursing the thunder and the sound of the drops on the roof--knowing the work put in to soak up the earlier water was all for naught. If anyone knows any anti-rain dances I would suggest doing it now.


  1. We are also disappointed that he put riverfront development as his top priority. Clearly the "special interest groups" will prevail.
    This City needs to guarantee enough $$$ for basic services without extra fees.
    Mr.Rohloff may do a good job if the media and the council
    'LET' him. No more micro-management! We have hired a man to do a job and will pay him a substantial salary.
    Councilors and the Media need to give him the space to do it.
    As for being'more open' with the public and the council than his predecessor..."he is a politician" and will only be as open as he needs to be.
    I think we need to look at departmnent heads and the secrecy
    of the 'shadow' players in Oshkosh.

  2. Good Lord, anonymous, the man hasn't even begun and you're bashing him already! Get over it. Furthermore, he's not a poltiician. Just because someone works in public service it doesn't automatically make them a politician.

  3. I have to agree with anonymous 6:32

    Councilors and the Media need to give him the space to do the job he was hired to do.

    How is being honest considered to be bashing?

    Anonymous 6:40
    If you think he's not a political figure you are fooling no-one but yourself.