Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday 6-17

More random thoughts today:

Do you know why government bogs down and doesn't run nearly as efficiently as it should? Because promotion from within is darn near impossible. The Oshkosh School Board proved this by refusing to promote Todd Gray to even an interim Superitendent's position. I find it ironic that the very same search firm that the board hired to help them find the best available candidate for the Oshkosh district was the firm that recommended Gray for Waukesha. Wouldn't being the best fit for a larger district make you think the guy would do a great job here? Apparently the school board doesn't think so.

Actually, I think Gray's experience as a finance director--being a "numbers man"--hurt him in the eyes of the Oshkosh board. They prefer "ideas people"--because "we're not running a business here." I'm guessing the Waukesha district won't be facing the same financial difficulties in the future that will plague Oshkosh.

I want to give a big "thumbs up" to Oshkosh Acting City Manager John Fitzpatrick. I don't think Fitz expected to deal with flooding, having to shut down part of downtown for movie filming and the retirement of several other department heads. There's another guy that won't be promoted from within.

Am I the only person surprised that Ned Yost wasn't the first manager in Major League Baseball to be fired this year? The Brewers continue to underachive--and are still one of the worst road teams in baseball. Ned was outmanaged badly by Ron Gardenhire of the Twins over the weekend at Miller Park. It's just a matter of time before the good young players on that team start to believe that .500 baseball is acceptable and don't put in the extra effort needed to be better.

I got the feeling all weekend that if Tiger Woods needed to make a 300-yard 3-wood to tie or win the US Open--he was going to make it. Kudos to Rocco Mediate for taking Tiger to the limit. I thought he had absolutely no chance heading into Monday's playoff.

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