Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday 7-25

My Two Cents will be going on hiatus next week--as we move our show to the EAA Airventure grounds. And speaking of Airventure, I have a few suggestions to make the event better for everyone involved:

1--Shorten the event. There's nothing going on out there that can't be accomplished in just four days. So let's run the Airventure from Thursday through Sunday. Attendance likely won't take much of a hit--since the first three days usually see very light attendance anyway. It would also make a "week-ling" pass cheaper for those who can't miss a single minute.

2--Build some real bathrooms out there. For those who visit Airventure for just a day, having to use the porta-johns may not be that bad. But when you spend the entire week out there, you get a bit tired of having to go in the johnnie. Sometimes you just like to have a few creature comforts when you have to go. Permanent bathrooms are part of the improvements the EAA plans for the grounds in the future. That's almost reason enough for me to support the city kicking in two-million dollars to help in the projects.

3--Return to limited flight line access. I know there are more than a few plane owners who agree with this one. Put the chain link fences back up and allow only EAA members and other approved visitors along the flight line area. This was common practice until a few years ago--when the EAA realized more people might come out and pay full price if they got closer to most of the aircraft. Unfortunately, most of the people who fly to Oshkosh would prefer that the "general public" not get so close to their planes.

4--Dump the "Airventure" name. The EAA pushes the name hard--using it on all official signs, programs and T-shirts. But, two-thirds of the people who attend just call it "Oshkosh" and all of the old-timers still call it "The Fly-In". "Airventure" means nothing to the general public. To fit in with every other event here in Wisconsin the name should really be "Airplanefest".

5--Get chocolate soft serve at all of the ice cream stands on the grounds. Zaug's has never explained to me why only one stand--located just west of Aeroshell square--serves chocolate soft serve. Every other one only has vanilla. Who wants only vanilla? Why does that one stand always have a long line? It's obviously because of the chocolate. Give the people what they want!!

We'll see you at the Fly-In.

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