Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday 7-17

It's time to weigh in again on the Brett Favre Soap Opera.

If there is one thing that is clear to me after the Greta Van Susteren interview it is that Brett Favre doesn't just want to come back to the Green Bay Packers as the starting quarterback--but he also wants to be the General Manager as well. Brett was very clear in his unhappiness with current GM Ted Thompson. Thompson didn't do enough to get Randy Moss--even though Brett wanted him...Thompson didn't hire Steve Mariucci as head coach--even though Brett wanted him. Apparently Favre thinks he should have more pull in the front office--even though he has ZERO executive or coaching experience.

Let's examine some of Favre's demands. Why would he want Steve Mariucci as his head coach? Because Steve is his buddy, and probably wouldn't put the restrictions on him that a control-freak like Mike McCarthy does. "Hey Brett, you want to throw into triple coverage all day? Go ahead man, you're the greatest and I'll love you no matter what!! What, you want to run around like a chicken with its head cut off and throw balls downfield underhanded to offensive linemen? Go for it, cuz that's just Brett being Brett!!"

Here's a question for Brett: If Steve Mariucci is such a great candidate for a head coaching job in the NFL, why is he still sitting behind a desk at the NFL Network?

On the failure to sign Randy Moss, how much of a difference would he have made for the Packers last year. Can you think of a loss where having another wide receiver would have made the difference. Would Moss have fixed the lack of a running game in the first half of the season. Would he have caught all of the wounded ducks that Number Four was putting up in the Wind Bowl at Chicago? Would he have somehow out-jumped the double coverage on the underthrown ball that set up the game-losing field goal against the Giants? I should point out that the New England Patriots--the much more talented team that actually did have Randy Moss--also lost to the Giants in the playoffs.

So for all of you rallying at Lambeau every weekend I want you to ask yourself, do you want Brett Favre as quarterback, head coach and general manager? Because that seems to be what he really wants here. Personally, I can't think of any team that has been successful letting the star players make the personel and coaching decisions.


  1. I consider myself somewhat of a Packer fan, although I always chuckle at the total "saturation" the media gives the team, both in season and off. I've often commented that even if we could see the mushroom cloud rising over the horizon, the lead story on all local channels would be the Packers. What is sad about this is that the warm and loving legacy that Brett Favre walked away with a few months ago has been destroyed. He left with everyone saying "class act", and now he is just another spoiled primadonna athlete, who just can't accept that time marches on. He had it all in the palm of his hand to be the hero forever here. Now it's a sham.

    The next thing will be all of the Packer fatihful calling for Ted Thompson's head on a platter, wanting a clean sweep of the front office, because their beloved quarterback has been wronged. Even if Favre had issues with management, why air them now? Is it really going to change anything? NO. All he succeeded in doing is making it perfectly clear that he "loved" Green Bay, as long as he was the star and got his own way. Terrible.

  2. So now........I just read that a local sport shop owner is offering Brett a $25,000.00 shopping spree if he will come back to the Packers. You're going to offer $25K to someone that already has more money than he will ever need???? This guy should cut his losses and support a local food pantry or other local charity. Pandering for publicity in itself is disgusting. The apocolypse is definitely upon us.

  3. One question that I have yet to see answered... or even mentioned.

    What is the implication on the salary cap if Brett returns? Seems to me that when he "announced" his retirement, that freed up some money for the Packers to go out and acquire more talent. If he returns, doesn't that exceed the cap?