Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Journey of Growth

My wife and I embark on a new journey together today. We are applying to become adoptive parents. We have met with adoption co-ordinators and have selected the agency that hopefully unite us with our first child.

A couple of listeners who have also adopted--or have been adopted--have heard me talk about our interest in the process earlier and have contacted me with advice. I appreciate that and will keep your recommendations in mind throughout the process. Both my wife and I know there will be many ups and downs along the way--and we will try to keep an even keel throughout.

The emotional rollercoaster actually begins right at the the application step. We spent much of the weekend debating some of the questions asked right at the start. You see, the agency provides you with a laundry list of medical and physiological condition with which a child could be born--and you have to decide if you could or could not be able to raise a child like that. In a way, you almost feel selfish saying "no" to any of them--knowing that parents expecting through pregnancy don't get to give their doctor a checklist of conditions for their baby.

Now comes the hard part--the waiting. We will first wait to see if we are chosen for the next round of parenting classes--then a home visit--then the wait for birth parents to choose us to adopt their child. If you think nine months is a tough wait to be a parent--imaging having an open-ended timeline--and no direct influence on moving it along.

But in the end, I know it will be for the best. My wife and I will have a new person to love in our lives--and a baby will be given a chance at life it might not otherwise have had.


  1. What a wonderful choice you are making. All the best, and I hope the wait will not be too long!!!

  2. Congratulations, Jonathan! A very wise decision on your parts. Speaking as a father (and grandfather), bringing up kids is the toughest job imaginable, but the most rewarding by far! There is no joy like children well brought up! I think you may find some of your views on various topics modifying a bit as you enter this new role in life. In other words, we too grow as our children grow!

    Anyway, all best wishes to you both, and to your bundle of joy!

  3. we will pray for your success

  4. Jonathan,

    My wife and I are very happy and thankful adoptive parents. We began our journey in the 80’s and it was a solid 4 years of waiting and working before we were rewarded for our efforts with a wonderful baby boy. Our son is now off in college, but those years we had him home were wonderful. We love him so much and thank God each day for the blessing he gave us. We also thank his birth mother for her maturity and love for her unborn child that she chose to place him with us.
    Every parent should go though the steps you are about to embark upon. Just that alone would make this a better world as every parent would come to understand what a blessing it is to parent a child.

    All the best Jonathan…You are beginning the journey of your life!

  5. JOnathan, my hat off to you!

    This is a big investment and can be costly. I know of someone who adopted and it cost over 20k. Just shows how big of a heart someone has to provide a loving environment for a child in need of adoption.

  6. Why only a baby? There are so many older children (1yr and up) that no one seems to want because they are not the cute little bundle recently squeezed through a birth canal. Don't they deserve a good life too instead of languishing in foster care with no real home or parents?

    Jonathan, I commend your decision to adopt, please consider widening your horizons just a little for the already here instead of only banking on the might be.

  7. Congratulations Jonathan! I was born in 1957 an adopted at birth. Adoption has evolved so much since then. Birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees all have interesting perspectives on the "perfect" situation. There is no such thing, but you and your wife will find it to be the most rewarding and satisfying and joyful thing you have ever done. May your wait be short and your happiness abound!