Friday, February 27, 2009

Two Minute Drill

Here are some topics Oshkosh teachers can cover with their students during the extra two minutes they will have in each of their periods for the rest of the year:

US History: Greatest accomplishments of the Bush Administration (should leave a minute and a half for getting your books together).

Economics: Problems that will actually be fixed by the Federal Stimulus Package.

World History: How Socialism has advanced the human race.

Math: Why record amounts of spending on education every year is never enough.

Sociology: Why text messaging is a far more effective form of communication that actually talking to each other.

English: Grammar rules for text messaging.

Phy Ed: How Ninendo Wii bowling counts as exercise.

Home Ec: Modern Microwave Cuisine

Music: The Jonas Brothers contributions to modern music.

Psychology: Why parents and teachers would refuse to give up Spring Break or in-service days to make up class time lost to snow days.


  1. Very comical. The last one hit it on the head. Why not just reduce spring break by a couple of days? 2 minutes a day is laughable.

  2. It's not 2 minutes a day. It's 16 minutes a day.

  3. Correct, 16 minutes per day, but 2 minutes per class period.

  4. You have to hand it to Len Hendricks (Union negotiator for OEA) is has the BOE around his finger. They do whatever they're told. No way did our teaching staff want to work anymore days.

  5. No of course not, while every parent in the district and every student is mad as can be that they won't be losing even more of their summer vacation time. Particularly those parents who've scheduled vacations, bought airline tickets, etc. for mid-June in the belief that the school calendar meant it when it set the Last Day of School. They are SO totally disappointed that they only have to go twio weeks into June instead of three! Wouldn't YOU be???

    Stop being such an anti-union twit! NO ONE involved wants to go to school after Memorial Day!

  6. You hit it when you said, "Len Herricks (HEAD OF THE TEACHER'S UNION) has the board around his finger."

    Look who he supported in the past or will support in this election.

    Karen Bowen, Tom Mcdermott, Amy Weinshime, Dennis Kavanaugh, John Lemberger and in this election, Wayne TRaska.

    And look who supported the calendar
    ! All of the above.

    Quid Pro Quo!

    It looks like board members who their calendar so Len Herricks can go to his condo in Florida over a prolonged break, get back support come election time.

    So look for Wayne Traska and Dennis Kavanaugh to have the teachers knocking on doors and making phone calls for them come April.

    We should start a union for the kids. Maybe then they could get some representation from this lackluster school board.

  7. The teachers get everything they deserve. We should build a new school because who would want to work in an old school anyhow? I wouldn't I like new pretty things. Lets build all new schools so everyone can work in nice places!

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