Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Put Me In Coach, I'm Ready to Play

I know it's election day--but it's also Opening Day for the Brewers and I just have to make my bold predictions for the upcoming season.

I predict that Jeff Suppan will get shelled in his opening day start--and will be out of the rotation by the end of July. How many years left does he have on that $10-million a season contract?

I predict that Ricky Weeks will be booed by Miller Park fans often this season--but will still achieve career highs in batting average and home runs.

I foresee a "lost" season for Ryan Braun as he continues to battle muscle pulls in his side that will likely put him on the Disabled List at least once this year.

I predict that Prince Fielder will be traded before the August 1st deadline--with the Brewers getting some much needed pitching help in return.

I predict a strong season for Manny Parra--now that Mike Maddux isn't around to screw up his approach to pitching. Parra needs to pound the strike zone--not try to nibble on the corners. That aggravated me no end about Maddux--he wanted everybody to throw like his brother. The only problem is, only his brother gets strikes called four inches off the plate.

I foresee a drop in attendance at Miller Park this year. There just isn't as much disposable cash in many families' budgets this summer--and tickets that went up five-percent this season won't be as popular.

As for the season itself, The Cubs will likely win the National League Central again this year--then fold in the playoffs, crushing their fans's spirits for the 101st consecutive season. The Brewers will likely be up and down giving their young pitching rotation. I see 86-wins for this Crew--good enough for third in the Central--and not good enough to make the playoffs.

Let's play ball.


  1. Just wanting to thank everyone in advance for a favorable election.

    Voting down the ill planned referendums. Making a change in the makeup of the council, Mayor and School board.

    My prediction is voters will get out on this beautiful day and give my checkbook a much deserve vacation from these incumbents that are philanthropists with other people money.

  2. Well said 11:20, well said.

  3. Well said 11:20, well said.

  4. "Philanthropists with other people (sic) money?" A catchy phrase first heard in Oshkosh by Paul "Pandering to the Public" Esslinger. Pity he nor you have the first clue what true philanthropy is or how to be a philanthropist. He'd get props for coining a cute phrase (if he really did start it instead of lifting it from one of his Fox New heros), but it really loses its impact when it's so poorly used.

  5. Congratulations to every single tax payer big and small, big guys and little guys alike!

    Long live democracy!

  6. Liberals are like philanthropists with tax payer's money!

    Google it!

  7. Liberals are selfish cheapskates!