Monday, March 30, 2009

The Method Behind the Madness

I've heard from a number of people who regularly listen to "My Two Cents" here on WOSH or check it out daily on-line at Many are complimentary of the feature--even if they don't always agree with the content. They also have a number of questions--some of which I will answer today.

"Do you really write all of those Two Cents yourself?"
I do indeed write all of the commentaries myself. Ocassionally I will come across an editorial in a major newspaper or on-line that I will cite or quote at length--but nearly all of the content each morning comes from my own tormented mind.

"How do you come up with a topic every morning?"
Like most great ideas, I formulate the next day's "Two Cents" either while in the shower or while lying in bed before going to sleep. When I get to the office in the morning it's a simple matter of typing it out on the Blogspot website.

"Do you really write those Two Cents at 2:30 in the morning like it says on the blog site?
Blogspot is apparently on Pacific time. The blog gets written at 4:30 am--right after I catch up on the overnight news.

"Do the people you criticize ever respond to what you have to say?"
I have in fact heard from several of the people I call out on the air and in the blogosphere. Sometimes they are upset, sometimes they just want to talk about what I have said. I usually try to be cordial and I always assure them that opinions expressed in "Two Cents" are kept out of news stories that I produce the rest of the day (on our News/Talk station anyway.)

"Why don't you double check the spelling and punctuation in the blog?"
"My Two Cents" is written primarily for use on the air. I write down what I want to say rather quickly just so I have a copy here in the studio. If there are mispelled words--or some missing punctuation--I really don't notice while reading the copy.

"Why don't you ban those people who only criticize teachers and city employees from posting responses on your blog?"
I have to admit it's frustrating when a good dialogue on local high school basketball or proper punishment for criminals is derailed by union bashing or cheerleading. I think that comes from my blog being linked to other local blogs--which in turn link their responses to my site. Besides, I believe in giving people just enough rope to hang themselves.

By the way, if you miss "My Two Cents" in the morning--you can now catch an encore every afternoon at 5:40 on News/Talk 1490 WOSH. Thanks for the comments, questions and suggestions for topics--feel free to keep them coming.


  1. "Why don't you ban those people who only criticize teachers and city employees from posting responses on your blog?"

    I would say I've learned alot about both sides from reading your blog. It doesn't bother me to question how tax dollars are spent or hear the justification for spending my money.

  2. Mr Krause,
    I've learned alot about both sides an issue/topic from reading your blog.
    It helps citizens(if they choose to)stay informed.
    Your blog is an information avenue.
    We can't just rely on the ONW or other radio stations

  3. Jonathan, we wake up and listen to you and Rich Allen at 6 a.m. and throughly enjoy your few minutes of banter, and agree with the "common sense" views of both of you wholeheartedly. It's just a darn shame that your views can't be put to good use by actually being used. But keep on plugging away anyhow.

  4. You can change Blogger's time zone.

    Log in, then click the "Settings" tab at the top and the "Formatting" link after that.

    There's a pull-down menu on that page to change your time zone. Just make sure to hit the "save settings" button at the bottom after you make the change.

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