Monday, June 8, 2009

More Quick Hits

Get ready to buy your purple Number Four jersey. ESPN is reporting that Brett Favre had surgery on his injured right shoulder last week. Since that really wasn't necessary to throw the ball in his Wrangler Jeans commercials, you can only assume that his most recent "retirement" will be for four months again.

What do you think people living in the Dakotas think about global warming? A half-foot of snow in June? Makes the rain and 50's that we "enjoyed" this weekend seem balmy by comparison.

Why do the Tony Awards continue to get prime-time coverage on network TV? Outside of those living in the Northeast US, how many people actually attend first-run Broadway shows every year? Even I saw two of the Best Picture nominees for the Oscars this year. Of course, the fact the Tony's are held in the ratings dead period of June reflects just how important CBS believes them to be.

Can someone other than the Detroit Red Wings win the Stanley Cup please? How about a team full of hard-hitting, young Canadian and American players that play "Old Time Hockey" instead of the overpaid, Euro-born, smooth skating fossils that the Wings employ.

Here's a suggestion for punishment if police ever catch the vandals who keep damaging the Winagamie Golf Course: trim all of the 27 greens by hand with one of those rounded, plastic kids' scissors. Those morons have damaged greens and golf carts at a course I enjoy playing. I don't enjoy being a victim of crime like that--so I would take some pleasure seeing those idiots hunched over the burning sun of a July afternoon clipping the grass until their hands are so sore they would never consider vandalizing the place again. We should probably invite all their friends over to watch their punishment as well.

Take this one to the bank: Tiger Woods will win the US Open in two weeks. He looked to be in peak form Sunday winning the Memorial at Jack's house on Sunday--and he has won at Bethpage Black before. The only question is how dramatic he will make it this time around.


  1. So because Jonathan doesn't like something it shouldn't be on? Get real. People must watch it or advertisers wouldn't buy time and the networks wouldn't keep it on. BTW, I don't like Rush Limbaugh. Will you take him off your station's lineup?

  2. What? No bitch because you don't like how your street doesn't get plowed to your satisfaction? Come on,'re slipping.

  3. If I pay for that $90 new blue bin, how many garbagemen are they going to take off my taxes?