Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our New Hero

We have a new hero today. Bill Vandenburgh is a town of Ripon homeowner who awoke to find a burglar trying to steal his guns and his cash last month. Bill decided he was not going to take that lying down--so he grabbed his shotgun and decided to confront the burglar. Now bill is likely to become a national figure as the "drive-by national media" picks up on his story.

This morning, we are airing the 911 tapes of the incident where Bill is asking the Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Department to send deputies quick--because he might shoot the guy who was trying to rob him. In the background you can hear the gutless thief begging for mercy--probably filling his pants and wishing that he had never hatched the idea of robbing the place. I guess picking on a 68-year old man wasn't such a good idea after all.

I'll be interested to see what the public reaction will be--especially if Bill's story does go national--and the 911 tapes are played ad nauseum on the 24-hour news channels. To me, Bill Vandenburgh is a real American hero. Someone who exercised his rights to protect his life and his property--and didn't accept being a victim. This incident is one of the two reasons I believe the Founding Fathers included a right to bear arms provision in the Constitution--and why they made it the second of our guaranteed rights--behind only free speech.

Of course, we also have law enforcement today telling us that you shouldn't confront thieves and criminals like that--because things could escalate and someone could end up dead. Better to accept being on the end of the gun fearing for your own life. Just give us a call when its over--and maybe we'll be able to track down the burglar. Well, I'm guessing deputies had no trouble finding the meathead who broke into Bill Vandenburgh's house. He was the guy lying on the floor weeping like a little girl.

Speaking of that, I'd be willing to bet there is a personal injury attorney or two who are thinking right now "That poor burglar should not have been made to suffer like that!! He has a right to sue that mean old man with the gun for emotional distress!!" Fortunately, there are dozens of gunowner groups who would be more than happy to pick up Bill's legal fees.

So good on ya Bill Vandenburgh you are our new American Hero.


  1. Well, now, let's not go too far in the other direction, Jonathan. I have no beef with what he did, and am glad he did. But I think lionizing him would be a mistake, too. The next guy to do it may not be as adept or as lucky as he was, and it could end up badly for an innocent person. Best to see it as something that needed doing, and he did it, and it turned out happily. But holding him up up as a hero may inspire imitators who won't be as good at it.

  2. I think the guy did what anyone should do if someone breaks into thier home. I would hope if someone had guns in thier house they know how to use them! I would have done the same thing.

  3. This 'national scare' that the government is coming to take our guns is nothing more than a right wing conspiracy, trying to come up wiht yet another way to make citizens scared of the democratic party. Remember when Bill Clinton was president? They were coming to take our guns. Funny...I had the same number of guns in my gun case now as I did then....

  4. To me, Bill Vandenburgh is a real American hero.

    Based on your news report this morning I have a cadidate for our second American Hero today.

    City Manager Mark Rohloff.

    Mr. Rohloff spoke and indicated he will submit a city budget with NO TAX INCREASE!

    Vandenburgh and Rohloff....two American Hero's; for different reasons, but still Hero's!

  5. WE all KNOW who the real VICTIM is here, but it wouldn't be too surprising if the cops somehow find a way to charge Bill for holding a gun on another person. I know there'd be charges if he'd have shot the intruder, it has happened before.

  6. "I see that President Obama is out "apologizing" for the United States again. In his "major speech" to the Muslim World, Obama basically said we have no right meddling in the affairs of the Middle East and that we shouldn't expect those people to embrace 21st century ideals like personal freedom, democracy and respect of basic human rights."

    Holy cow J. That's your paraphrased summary of Obama's speech?

    Wow. You put that speech through one hell of a red, rushed and twisted filter.