Thursday, July 16, 2009

Save the GMO

If you have a few extra million dollars lying around right now, would you please consider sponsoring the PGA Golf tournament in Milwaukee? The US Bank Championship tees off today--for the final year. There is no corporate sponsor in place for next year--and without one, the PGA could pull the event from Milwaukee.

I know that you are shedding crocodile tears for the plight of what used to be the Greater Milwaukee Open. It's just a golf tournament, Jonathan--we will get along fine without it. But keep in mind that the event has generated five million dollars for charity over the past ten years. This year's main beneficiary will be the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee. If your newborn was one of those treated with new equipment or procedures deveoped with the money generated by the PGA Tour stop--I would bet you would think it's important to keep the tournament in Milwaukee.

The GMO has been hurt by a couple of things over the past few years. Being moved to an "alternate field" status opposite the British Open was the biggest blow. That all but guaranteed that marquee players will not be paying a visit to Milwaukee. But there is hope that could change. Wisconsin natives Jerry Kelly and Steve Stricker are proposing the event move to August--replacing the Buick Open in Michigan (seeing as how Government Motors won't be "wasting" money anymore advertising through sports sponsorships). Being just two weeks before the final major of the year--the PGA Championship--Milwaukee could become a draw again for the world's best. Remember, Milwaukee is where Tiger Woods began his pro career back in 1997. Of course, he hasn't been back since--but the new date might bring him (and the huge crowd he draws) back.

If you are going to drop the millions to sponsor the tournament, can I ask one favor? Please put "Milwaukee" back in the title. If you stopped 100-people on the street today, how many could tell you where the US Bank Championship is played? Maybe three or four hard-core golf fans at the most? But if you ask those same 100-people where is the Greater Milwaukee Open played--I'm guessing at least 90-percent of them would guess Milwaukee. I realize the idea is to get the corporate sponsor in the name (and therefore on the TV screen) as much as possible--but a little love for the Beer City would be nice.

If the Quad Cities of Iowa can support a PGA Tour stop--can't a "Major League" city like Milwaukee?


  1. Yeah, like I'm gonna worry about a game for a bunch of rich spoiled brats! Golf is strictly for elites! About as boring as opera. Chasing a ball around with a stick. The real people in Oshkosh don't play golf and you can bet Mayor Esslinger don't play no golf! The place would be a lot better off without all them elites and their dam golf!!!!!

  2. Your comments say nothing about you except that you're an ignorant ass.

  3. Correction: The "Quad Cities of Iowa" consist of only two Iowa towns and three towns in Illinois:

    Davenport, Iowa; Bettendorf, Iowa; Rock Island, Illinois; Moline, Illinois; and East Moline, Illinois.

    Yes, I know that's five, not four, but "Quint Cities" never caught on.

  4. "Your comments say nothing about you except that you're an ignorant ass."

    Ha! Then my attempt to lampoon the prevailing attitudes among the posters here has been a success! Yes, I think that sort of "elites suck" B.S. is quite nauseating, and I don't even golf! Thank you for your support!

  5. I think it's funny that when a doctor tells an elitest to get some exercise and go play golf, but then they ride around in a golf cart. Some exercise.