Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Update on the Journey

Before I start on today's extended topic, I have to issue a My Two Cents correction. Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris--a regular follower of the My Two Cents blog apparently--called to correct my math yesterday. Harris pointed out, correctly, that if the School Board voted to raise my taxes by 12-percent--and the other taxing entities raised theirs as well--the percentage of increase would not be the sum of the percentages--but rather their average. So my predictions of a 20-percent tax hike was not mathmatically correct. I apologize for the error. That does not however make it any easier to accept double digit increases in the total tax bills this winter.

We now return to our regularly scheduled rant........

If you listen to or read My Two Cents on a regular basis, you know that my wife and I are looking to adopt a child. Yesterday, we spent nearly all day in our first Adoption Education Class. This is where the case workers prepare you for the adoption process--and all of the challenges associated with it. In our class are six other couples from throughout Northeast Wisconsin who are working with the same agency. Some already have placement of children--thanks to connections to birth mothers who knew those couples were the ones she wanted to raise her child. Cover your ears those of you on the Religious Right!!! One of the couples is gay.

We also talked about the feelings that each person involved in the adoption process goes through--not just at the time the child is turned over--but before and after that as well. It really makes you think about the difficult choices women with unplanned or unwanted pregnancies face--and how those around them should be as supportive as possible--rather than ostracizing the women or making them feel like they have done something wrong.

One of our homework assignments is to fill out a daily "clock" breaking down the amount of time we spend on each activity. I already know that my clocks will have too much "work time", too much "golf time" and not enough "sleep time". I should probably work on more "wife time" as well.

We go back for another class next Wednesday--which means I will miss at day at EAA for the first time in nine years. But believe me, in the long run it will be worth it.


  1. When Mark Harris does math, hid your checkbook folks!

    Remember when he was on the common council? He was at "ground zero" when the council began to aggressively borrow to "prime the pump" on downtown and is a reason our city's in such a mess. He help start the reckless borrowing on downtown development that has results in just a few less empty storefronts (if that is possible).

    Mark, take a hint. Get out of public office and run your own business. Just have a back up plan as we know any business you run that you can't levy your mistakes, will not last.

  2. Teh he. The previous post is perty funny.

  3. Less storefronts? Sounds like that was more successful under his leadership than without it. He's also done a much better job than Jane Vandehigh (sp) when she was in office. He's more honest too.

  4. Yeh, he's really honest. Honest as a magician. How honest can a guy really be when he always wants to put his hand deeper into your pocket?

  5. Spoken like a die-hard Republican. Give us some specific examples of what you mean.

  6. Simply because someone may need more money to run a government doesn't make them dishonest. Get a clue 9:46.

  7. >>Simply because someone may need more money to run a government doesn't make them dishonest.<<

    In my experience, people see and fear in others what is most true of themselves. We try to distance ourselves from that we dispise in ourselves, e.g., homophobes are fighting their own sexual urges, etc. As Shakespeare said, "Methinks he doth protest too much."

    Those who assume everyone else is a crook probably are not people you want to trust. They assume others will take advantage of you because instinctively, that's what THEY would do, if given the chance.

  8. >>He was at "ground zero" when the council began to aggressively borrow to "prime the pump" on downtown and is a reason our city's in such a mess.<<

    Hm. Guess you haven't been out of Mom & Dad's basement lately. I live downtown. I see a LOT going on, a definite vibrancy and interest. I frankly don't see a "mess", but I suppose if someone's own life is a sad pathetic failure, it could SEEM that way. Hard to see good through all the bitterness and envy.

  9. Congratulations on your hopefully soon forthcoming adoption.

    The journey is priceless. While you need to endure ridiculous classes, the outcome is overwhelmingly worth the time, and yes, even worth missing EAA. (Although I would be tempted to call in sick for that one!)

  10. Lets see, he presided over the Jackson Kinney incompetance that has borrow us into oblivian. He was at "ground zero" when it came to Marian Rd. and now we need what, 25 mil in assessed value to "break even". He supported the 100 block that is bankrupt. Shall I go on?

    Hey, how about the magical idea called the sale tax?

  11. I'm all for a sales tax increase. That way we're not the only ones footing the bill.