Friday, April 13, 2012

In Defense of Beer

Want to create some buzz at work--get people talking about you in the office?  The next time you and your co-workers go out to lunch, order a beer.  I'm not talking about a pitcher, not the happy hour two-for-one, not a shot, not a $9 martini--but just a single beer.

The response you will most likely get from your co-workers is "Are you done for the day?"  And when you tell them "no", they will likely reply "Oh, because you ordered a beer--so I assumed you weren't going back to work."

How is it that we have come to a point that enjoying one beer in the middle of the day is socially unacceptable?  If you're my age, your grandfather likely packed a can or two of beer in his lunch bucket to drink at noon or during his afternoon break.  If you worked at any of the Milwaukee breweries, you were actually encouraged to enjoy the fruits of your labor on break.  But nowadays, you have one pint before the sun goes down, and people treat you like you are the town drunk.

Now I should point out that I drink only microbrews, craft beers and imports--so I consume beer because I like the taste--not just to get alcohol into my body.  And when we head to B-Dubs to get a dozen Buffalo wings for lunch, a crisp, refreshing wheat beer really hits the spot.  Believe me, I've been drinking for about 20-years now and I know that one beer is not going to negatively affect my performance in the afternoon.

So what do you say guys (and liberated gals), don't be afraid to enjoy one of Chippewa Falls finest or one from the Motherland to compement that lunch special.  Remember your motto from college: "Beer, it's not just for breakfast anymore."

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  1. It's not that it's socially's that pretty much anyone who isn't self-employed would face disciplinary action or termination.