Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What Impresses the Left

It must be an election year--Cool Obama is back. Cool Obama is the President's alter-ego--the basketball-playing-Al-Green-singing-late-night-talk-show-skit-star Barack--all style and no substance.  

Cool Obama was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night "slow jamming" his campaign talking points (you shouldn't have to pay for anything--the rich should have to pay for all of that stuff)......

I'll admit, the skit was funny--but the last time I checked, being a stand-up comedian was not part of the President's duties.

Another example of Cool Obama coming back is an email sent out by his campaign this week.  Apparently, when you register to cover a campaign event (as I did back in 2008) the Obama campaign assumes you also want to contribute money (Hey, he's a reporter--he must be a liberal!) and I've been getting soliciations from since the day after the Inauguration.  Anyways, here is what Cool Obama is offering his supporters:


I'll be going to a special event at George Clooney's house in a few weeks, and two grassroots supporters and their guests will join us.  The only thing we've still got to figure out is whether two spots belong to you and your guest--or somebody else and theirs.  So let's nail this down: Any donation you make today will automatically enter you and a guest to win.  Once you decide who you're inviting to join you, we'll be all set.  The Campaign will take care of your airfare and hotel for you.  Please pitch in $3 or whatever you can today, and keep your May 10th clear!  Hope to see you soon.  Barack

No wonder the President gets so many "grassroots contributions"--he's running a sweepstakes!!  In fact, the end of the email is all of the fine print telling me that "no purchase is necessary" and that contributing does not improve my odds of winning--just like a Powerball ticket.

And I guess I was supposed to be impressed that the most powerful man in the world (when he isn't capitulating to third-world dictators) HANGS OUT WITH GEORGE CLOONEY!!!  AT GEORGE CLOONEY'S HOUSE!!!  AND HE WANTS TO TAKE ME ALONG!!!  OMG WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR???

Forgive me for being so "old fashioned" but my vote will be going to the guy with the best plan to lower the deficit, protect our country from foreign threats, preserve my personal liberties and rewards those who take responsibility for themselves--not the guy who tells the best jokes and hangs with the biggest Hollywood stars.

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