Friday, June 8, 2012

The Last Recall-Related Two Cents...I Promise

Final thoughts on the Recalls---

--Those who bemoan the amount of money spent on political campaigns always claim that all of the negative advertising and "corporate influence" "hijacks" elections and suppresses turnout.  How then to explain the most expensive gubernatorial election in Wisconsin history producing the biggest turnout for a gubernatorial election in Wisconsin history?  Believe me, if the spend of all that money wasn't actually effective, the wise people who are spending it wouldn't bother.  Let's face it, those looking to limit campaign spending are just angry that "their side" isn't the one raising the most money.

--And speaking of turnout, where are the "voter suppression" alarmists this week?  Nobody had to show a photo ID to get a recall ballot.  The polls were kept open an hour and a half later than scheduled in Milwaukee.  And we saw record number of absentee ballots cast in "early voting" campaigns--and Republicans won in bigger numbers than in 2010.  If record turnout results in Republican victories--why would the GOP try to "suppress" that turnout?  Hmmmmmmm....

--And speaking of campaign finances, why didn't Democrats put limits on incumbents' fundraising when they drafted the state's campaign finance laws?  Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, union leaders and Democratic party officials all say Scott Walker only won because he raised so much more money than Tom Barrett.  Excuse me, but wasn't the Governor playing by the rules that you yourself wrote?  Nobody in the Democratic caucus thought "hey, maybe recall targets should be covered by these limits as well" during the drafting of the campaign finance bills?  And when Dems controlled everything in Madison from 2008 to 2010, nobody brought up this "glaring loophole" that everyone says now has to be closed because a Republican benefited from it?

--Does Tom Barrett wear a sign that says "BEAT ME UP PLEASE"?  He tries to enjoy a night at the State Fair with his family and gets the crap kicked out of him.  And then, to add insult to insult, his own "supporter" slaps him in the face because he conceeded defeat Tuesday night--when it was obvious to everyone but those continuing to live in denial as to the will of the voters that he was not going to win.  Of course, face slapping is a common outburst from children who don't get their way--so I guess we shouldn't be that shocked that happened.  By the way, if Mayor Barrett had been slapped in the face by someone wearing an "I stand with Scott Walker" pin on their shirt, that person would have been immediately arrested and charged with criminal assault.  A WEAC member, she gets "escorted out of the event" without punishment.


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  1. Contrast the treatment of the WEAC member who slapped Barrett to the "investigation" of the death threats against Walker. Remember, if its the left doing it, it's "Free Speech". If it's the Right, it's "Hate Speech".