Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Most Reviled Person in Wisconsin

On this recall election day, let's talk about the most reviled person in Wisconsin.  Of course, I'm talking about Robyn Ereth of Neshkoro.  Don't know Robyn Ereth?  Well she is the woman who stole a shoe that Donald Driver had tossed to a boy in the stands at Fox Cities Stadium after his charity softball game on Sunday.

Video of this incident has gone viral: http://wxerfm.com/blogs/post/jfrieders/2012/jun/03/video-watch-woman-wrestle-steal-donald-drivers-cle/

In it, you can see Driver motion to the boy that he is going to throw him his shoe.  That's when Ereth comes in from the side and literally wrestles the shoe out of the boy's hands and then holds it above her head like its the Stanley Cup.

As you might expect, reaction to the video has been less than positive.  Driver himself was so unhappy that he asked for help in tracking down the boy so that he could give him another shoe--along with a bunch more Packers stuff and a face-to-face meeting.  That took place yesterday at Fox Cities Stadium.

Ereth has since issued an apology--sending an email to the Appleton Post Crescent:


In it she says she "overreacted to the excitement of the moment" and now wants to return the shoe to the boy and to offer him an in-person apology.  I was hoping there would be a press conference called as well.  I'd like Ereth to answer the questions "At what point did you realize that you were fighting a twelve year old for a sweat-soaked shoe?"  and "If the video of this hadn't made it to every national news outlet and website with everyone calling you basically the worst person in the world--would you still be offering to return the shoe?"
To his credit, the boy--Stephen Wagner of Ripon--harbors no ill will toward Ereth--telling Action 2 News that "people shouldn't be mean to her" because "it was anyone's right to get it (the shoe).  It's sad when a 12-year old needs to remind adults how to act.

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  1. Amen brother. This pig faced wisconsin hick deserves every mean comment sent her way. You bet, if no-one caught this moron acting stupidly, she wouldn't be apologizing. If she was truly sorry for her indignant act; she'd donate the cleat to a charity who could auction it off as a fund raiser for their organization. This fugly pig gets everything she deserves.