Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Don't Back Down

I really hope Mitt Romney doesn't back down from the comments secretly recorded at a closed-door fundraiser this week.  In case you missed it, the on-line magazine Mother Jones has released secretly recorded video of the event in which Romney tells donors that "47% of Americans believe they are victims and that they are entitled to government help."  He added that some of those folks "need to take responsiblity for their own lives" as well.

I hope Romney doesn't back away from his statements (and the backtracking has already started this morning with a hastily arranged conference call with campaign staffers saying Romney's points were "inelegantly stated") because for the most part, they are spot on--and summarize what this election is going to be all about: Is this going to be a country where people determine their own fate in life--and live with the consequences of their actions?  Or are we going to be a country where the government tries to solve everyone's problems--and nothing is ever your fault?

Politicos like to use the term "national discussion" when talking about things like this.  But the "discussion" is actually one each of us Americans have to have with ourselves.

It's time for the high school dropout to look in the mirror and wonder why he can't find a good-paying job.  Is it really because CEO's get big bonuses?

It's time for the former owners of the foreclosed "McMansions" to wonder why they defaulted on the mortgage.  Is it really because the lender "robo-filed" their paperwork?

It's time for the couple who always had money for the time share vacation home, the lawn service and the collector cars to wonder why they now face a shortage of money in retirement.  Is it really because Wall Street banks stole their money?

It's time for the life-long couch potato with coronary artery disease to wonder why his health insurance is so expensive.  Is it really because insruance companies are greedy?

And it's time for the single woman with three kids by three different men to wonder why she can't afford to properly care for her children.  Is it really because birth control pills weren't available for free?

The political consultants might cringe at what Mitt Romney says in the secret video because it actually makes people think before they vote (it's much easier to just have them react to talking points and attacks).  But maybe it's time people do put some thought into their selections at the ballot box.

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