Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hope For the Next Generation

For those of you concerned that we are raising a generation of mindless future Americans who will be willing to accept Government control of their lives, a ray of hope is shining through the gathering clouds.  And it's coming from an unexpected place: the school lunchroom.

This week, students at Mukwonago High School and Middle School are boycotting the hot lunch program because they are not being given enough to eat.  As I covered in a previous "My Two Cents", the Federal Government has set new standards for school lunch programs--and those standards include a caloric limit on what kids can eat.  As I predicted, kids involved in sports are hardest hit by the limit--as they burn far more calories during the day than they can replace in the lunch line.  Meaning the "healthier" hot lunch standards actually make them unhealthier.

The Mukwonago boycott is one of many reported across the country as kids (and parents) come to realize that they are going to be underfed for 180-days a year--and that there is nothing they can do about it.  Well, as long as Michelle Obama is serving as the nation's unofficial Dietician-In-Chief.

So as our children are going hungy at school, they are learning a very important lesson: that Government doesn't always know what's best for you.  Kids quoted in a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article on the boycott already get it, as they point out the 250-pound senior lineman shouldn't be treated the same as a 100-pound freshman girl.  Hopefully, as their stomachs growl in seventh period Algebra, these kids will form the life-long belief that Washington shouldn't tell us what we should eat, or what kind of cars we should drive, or how much we should be allowed to make in income or what kind of health care coverage we should have.

Consider it Hope and Change for personal responsibility.

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