Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Governing to the Minority

Before we start, I have a "My Two Cents" correction to make.  Earlier this week I stated that Elmo from Sesame Street is a Billionaire.  It turns out that the Sesame Workshop (the company that produces the children's show) reported a net worth of 356-million dollars to the IRS last year.  That means I was right on Big Bird being a multi-millionaire (and richer that Mitt Romney--250-million dollar net worth)--but Elmo is not a Billionaire.  So obviously he deserves a taxpayer subsidy to air his TV show.  "My Two Cents" apologizes for the error.

Now on to today's topic..............

Minorities sure are expensive.  I'm not talking about African-Americans, left-handers or atheists.  I'm talking about the minorities who are the beneificiaries of so many government programs.  To get you ready for Paul Ryan and the Vice Presidential debate tomorrow night, let's look at some numbers.

The 18% of Americans on Social Security cost us $680-Billion a year.

The 14% of Americans on Medicare cost us $509-Billion a year.

The 16% of Americans on Medicaid cost us $389-Billion a year.

The 8% of Americans on Unemployment Insurance cost us $77-Billion a year.

The 14% of Americans on Food Stamps cost us $76-Billion a year.

The less than 1% of Americans who are retired auto workers and who didn't have to take pension cuts as part of the automotive bailout will cost us $25-Billion in non-repaid loans to Chrysler and GM.

And the 27% of Americans who do not have private health insurance--necessitating the "Affordable" Care Act will end up costing us a minimum of $1-Trillion.

I'd go on--but limited broadcast time requires me to wrap this up.

Fiscal conservatives see the numbers on the right side of the column and realize how we got into this financial mess as a country.  Liberals see the numbers on the left side of the column and realize adding them together gives you a large enough voting bloc to stay in power for a very long time.

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