Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Separating the Rich From Their Money

Today, 750 upper and middle class people will have nearly two-million dollars taken from them and "redistributed" to the poor.  There will be no complaints from these people--in fact, many of them have actually been looking forward to this day all summer.  They will hand over the money with smiles on their faces and good feelings in their hearts.  Kind of a different picture than what you get from those on The Left, who tell us time and again about how the 1% or 2% or 10% or the 51% are greedy and want to keep people poor.

In case you haven't figured it out, I'm talking about the US Venture Open golf event--going on today at five courses in Northeast Wisconsin.  This is the largest, single-day fundraising event in the area--with all proceeds going to the basic needs programs of the Oshkosh, Fox Cities and Green Bay Area Community Foundations.  So why are this group of people--so often villainized and targeted for increased taxes so willing to turn over the money to the same people in need today--as opposed to their feelings on April 15th (or every payday)?

Well for starters, they actually get something back today.  I can tell you that the worst day on the golf course is still better than the best day at work (unless you are a tour pro and golf is your work).  Plus there is lunch and dinner--along with cool auction items and perhaps a chance to dance with Donald Driver.  Not to mention that 24% or 28% or 34% of what is paid today can be deducted from what has to be paid on April 15th. (Although, the money give today should also reduce the need to pay more on April 15th as well.)

Secondly, they get to see how exactly that money is being used.  US Venture and the Community Foundation folks provide info and spreadsheets on the programs supported by today's proceeds.  You can see the clothes, the food and the job training programs that are purchased.  And those who give today, can be reasonably sure that they won't be hearing about schemes that bilked millions from the Community Foundations by pretending to be poor--or to be serving the poor.

Let's not forget about the free will aspect today as well.  People not playing in the US Venture Open today do not face arrest, imprisonment, wage garnishment or seizure of assets.  And while there is a minimum to play, nobody is telling you that you must purchase auction items or face a fine--I mean a tax, for constitutionality purposes.

Finally--and perhaps most importantly--someone is going to say "Thank you" today.  After writing out that check, a donor isn't going to hear President Obama tell them "That isn't nearly enough."  Senator Tammy Baldwin isn't going to address the dinner tonight telling everybody how they aren't paying "Their fair share".  And the roads to the golf courses won't be lined with protesters yelling "SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!"  As the old adage goes, you catch a lot more flies with honey, than with vinegar.

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