Friday, October 17, 2014

That Moment

So this happened last night:

Don't you wish all of us could have that kind of moment in our lives?  That one time when everything came together and you did something so spectacular--so perfect--and that brought joy to so many people?

That's what makes sports so special--there are opportunities like that every season in every sport.  But wouldn't it be awesome if you could have a "walkoff" in your job too?  You finish a perfect weld, or everything in your spreadsheet totals up perfectly, or the sick patient gets better and everyone in the plant or the office or the clinic is there to celebrate with you--while thousands of people from the community are going nuts and cheering for you.  And then everyone starts dousing each other with champagne.  That would be awesome.  

By the way, Travis Ishikawa joining the likes of Bobby Thomson, Kirk Gibson and Joe Carter in the annals of baseball history as walkoff winners is a great story in and of itself.  He was a man without a team at the start of the year.  He didn't make the majors until he was in his 30's--bouncing around from organization to organization--from minor league to minor league--from small town to small town--riding the bus and giving serious thought to quitting the game.  But finally he got a chance--found new teams in the majors to latch on to--and thanks to an injury to Giants outfielder Angel Pagan, he gets to start in the National Championship Series and experience the greatest thrill in sports.

Boom.  Walkoff.

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