Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Voice of Her Generation

By now you may have heard about "Angela in Neenah"--a woman who has become an internet sensation with her YouTube rant about Bath & Body Works not having the candles that she was trying to buy. 

While everyone is laughing about "az4angela"s zero-to-crazy-and-back-again diatribe, to me, she has become the Voice of Her Generation.  Much like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Kurt Kobain before her, "Angela" perfectly encapsulates in video prose that which disturbs today's twenty and thirty-somethings the most: they can't get all of the "stuff" they want.

You see a lot of "Angelas" around Christmas shopping time.  They are the ones interviewed by the local news channel that sent their morning reporter to WalMart or Best Buy for the Black Friday doorbusters that were sold out by the time they finally got through the door and back to that department.  They are angry and bitter people who wonder why companies would "lie to them" about having $25 tablets or a large enough supply of "Elsa from Frozen Singing Dolls".  Don't those evil corporations know that we have a "right" to get that stuff?

I do have to give "Angela" some credit, at least she didn't dial 911 to complain about Bath & Body Works not having the candles they promised her.  We have heard plenty of those "emergencies"--as the general belief has become that Government intervention is necessary to get you everything that you want--whether that be Chicken McNuggets at the McDonald's drive-thru at two in the morning or pot that you thought you were buying from the guy on the street corner but that actually turned out to be oregano.

By the way, there is a follow up video to "Anglea's" original rant--and that further cements her place as a modern cultural hero.  In that one, "Angela" boasts that she actually gets PAID to post video reviews of candles (and of her guinea pigs).

Yes, "Angela" considers it one of her "jobs" to buy, collect and smell candles--and to let a breathless American audience know what she thinks about them.  I bet that really makes all of those unemployed MBA graduates feel good about their business acumen doesn't it?

So rant away "Angela in Neenah".  While the rest of us may ridicule you in the comments section below your video posts, it's only because you remind us--in a profane and disturbing way--of what we as a culture have become.

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